He talked about Marmaraydan too

He was spoken more than Marmaray: Somalia President, who made a speech at the opening ceremony of Marmaray attended by the President and Prime Minister, was spoken on social media.
Marmaray's opening ceremony was held in Üsküdar. President Abdullah Gül and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, as well as the prime ministers of many foreign countries attended the ceremony. While the protocol speeches were made, the invitation of the President of Somalia to the podium and making a speech was met with surprise on social media. Somali President Hasan Sheikh Mahmud's explanation of the agenda in his country at the opening of Marmaray was a mockery.
Here is the talk of President Hasan Seyh Mahmud in Somalia, who made a mark on twit:
yigit swaddle
The President of Somalia will be selling every hour.
i am not your freud
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I think the Somali President is excited to get on the subway for the first time.
Somali President pity whether I am waiting for the president of zambia asdasddadfhd
Right Open
the somali president was there to represent the main opposition. Do not load misunderstandings (:
Somalia, the president of the Republic of Turkey, don't believe me.
Kerem Ce
Somalia even Somalia is looking at the president, even if they are satiated.
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If you call the presidents of Germany, France, America, etc., the men are already starving, as if they were showing off what is the President of Somalia ...
poor poor
On the day we see opposition leaders in Somalia, no one can hold us.
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Somalia is probably the only friendly country. There is only their President behind ours… The dream came true; fully independent Turkey:)
Genuine Italian #DC7
Since the Somali President and the Prime Minister of Romania appreciate our country, there is no problem left! Repentance, my God, as if we have a lot of interest ...
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I understood the Japanese Prime Minister, what is the Somali President doing at the opening? Who knows can light it?
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The President of Somalia

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