Marmaray engineers returned from the disaster

Marmaray engineers: Returned from the disaster: The failure in Marmaray was presented as a sunul simple, ordinary power outage elektrik, but according to experts the threshold of a disaster was returned. The engineer working in the project, "People walking in the electric power had come if the passengers would be dead and dead," he said, retired chief engineer Akcan, "the operation is done before the end of the project is being seen now. Our warnings were always for these Uy.
The first malfunction occurred in Marmaray, which was marketed by the AKP government as a arıza project of the century ı and opened up in spite of all its expert warnings yesterday. Due to a power outage that occurred during a live broadcast of a channel, passengers had to walk down the wagon when the flights stopped. Government officials and Minister Binali Yildirim tried to portray the failure as a olağan simple, ordinary power outage Hükümet.
Rıza Behçet Akcan, retired Electrical / Electronics Engineer in 2008 from the project's signaling and communication systems specialist chief engineer, who warned that the opening of Marmaray in this state for weeks has caused disaster, stated that one of the 15 problems he pointed out in his warnings was experienced on the first day.
Speaking to BirGün, Akcan said, “It is now clear what it means to open it to business before the project ends. Something terrible. Our warnings were always for these. "It shouldn't have happened," he said.
"Turkey's Marmaray surrounding electric power system as a network 380 or 154 thousand thousand volts downloader is taken from the substations. in one of these centers Gebze-Pendik, one Haydarpasa any one of Yedikule Çerkezköy Akçan said, “Marmaray opened without taking energy from here. Akca said: I'm talking about 380 or 154 thousand and five hundred thousand volts of both systems is Turkey's ring two separate energy supply system. One of 154 thousand, the other circulates all around Turkey, including 380 thousand. In order to get energy from these, you need to reduce the voltage value you want from the transformers. If you do not feed from these energy systems, electricity can be supplied, but such malfunctions occur.
'He is a betrayal of engineering'
Akcan continued his words as follows: “The medium voltage power grid circulating in Istanbul and supplying energy to Istanbul is 34 thousand five hundred volts. This passes through close to every street, with one or two substations in each neighborhood. Houses are supplied with energy from here. Marmaray uses 25 thousand volts. It is taken from any network of 34 thousand five hundred volts by cable. With a temporary and specially built transformer, 34 thousand five hundred volts are reduced to 25 thousand volts. This reduced tension is given to the Marmaray system, more precisely to the tunnel area system. This should be done in one or two places. I heard that it was made from 1 place. Such a railway, mass transportation system cannot be operated with such an energy supply system. This is a big mistake. It is a betrayal of engineering. I do not know how my friends agree. My warnings started to come out one by one. "
An engineer working in the Marmaray project told BirGün, “During the power outage in the morning, they did not sting us because of the high-voltage electricity, even when there was electricity. If the electricity had come on while people were walking there, people would have been killed by the electric current. He has come back from the brink of a great disaster, ”he said. The engineer said: “This failure shows us that emergency scenarios are also dysfunctional. Even if the electricity is cut off all over Istanbul, it means that the system that will provide electricity has failed that test. This malfunction shows that even if there was a fire when the electricity was cut, emergency scenarios would remain inoperative.



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