Marmaray Tepe will make Nautilus shopping center one of the most important meeting points

Marmaray Tepe Nautilus shopping center will be one of the most important meeting points: Tepe Nautilus, one of the well-known shopping centers of Istanbul, will bring Europe and Asia together with its renewed face.
Renewing its interior decoration and logo taking into account the needs of visitors, Tepe Nautilus will provide a brand new shopping experience with its stores and food and beverage venues that appeal to different tastes. With Marmaray to be opened on 29 October KadıköyTepe Nautilus, which is one of the transfer stops of Kartal metro, will be one of the most important meeting points of Istanbul.
Tepe Nautilus Shopping Center Manager Mahmut Metin Gültekin has been at the top for 11 years as Tepe Nautilus. KadıköyHe said that they are the most important shopping point of the Anatolian Side, including Acıbadem, Koşuyolu, Üsküdar and Göztepe. Reminding that Tepe Nautilus has attracted attention with its store mix since the first day it opened, Gültekin said, “We have completed our renewal works in a short time like 18 months. In this process, we made agreements with new stores and food and beverage venues for our visitors to reach more alternatives. While doing all this, we have created new places in our environmental arrangements that our visitors will enjoy. ”
Tepe Nautilus renewed the work of Istanbul is expected to accelerate the transportation of the Marmaray work in parallel with reminding Gultekin, continued:
“While we are continuing the renovation works in Tepe Nautilus, the station construction on the Anatolian Side of the Marmaray Project, which will bring the two sides of Istanbul together, continued right next to us. While we are doing the renewal works, Marmaray and Kadıköy - Due to the fact that we are among the Kartal Metro stops, we have taken into account the visitor entries that will increase and we renewed our entrance on the separation fountain stop as a meeting point. In addition to our common areas, we have re-planned the stores and catering venues to appeal to different tastes. After the opening of Marmaray on October 29, as Tepe Nautilus, after October 29, we will be the shopping center that brings not only the Anatolian Side, but also the two sides of Istanbul.

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