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Halkali gebze marmaray map stops and integrated lines
Halkali gebze marmaray map stops and integrated lines

Much has been said and is still being said about Marmaray, which was inaugurated on October 29. Please put aside what you know and weigh Marmaray. Isn't it exactly what is desired for Istanbul, rail transportation? You cross to the other continent in 4 minutes. Whether you reside in Istanbul or not, it must be admitted that it will be of great benefit. Metrobus, the simple bus line that you know is packed, the buses burn the diesel you know, the only feature is that it has a line reserved for it. It was seen as a bad solution when it first came into use. However, transportation in Istanbul was so bad that even Metrobus was a good solution.
A huge Bosphorus passes through Istanbul. They are located around the water canal in other important cities. London, around the Thames, in Paris, there is the Seine, in Rome, the Tiber, Moscow Moskovsky and even the Danube, which divides Budapest into Budin and Pest. What makes Istanbul Istanbul is that it is not possible to cross the Bosphorus with simple bridges like in other cities. It passes so magnificently that it separates the two continents in such a way that you don't even need to take a boat tour, there are few city elements as satisfying as having a cup of tea on the shore. The Bosphorus has another function. It's an important shipping route and it's beautiful. Turkey doesn't have the right, but if it were and we say we're closing it for a week… This beautiful and special Bosphorus divides Istanbul into two, making it difficult to live on it. As it is known, the real ancient Istanbul is on the European side. But on the other side, more than simple settlements, Anatolia, that is,

There is a large piece of land that makes up Turkey.

In the early 90's, when the FSM Bridge was a more "new" alternative, when the biggest repairs were made on the Bosphorus Bridge, the buses had to get off at Bağlarbaşı and walked for minutes to the foot of the bridge. We used to get on one of the empty buses there. Let's not go too far into what would have happened without the bridge. Now we have it and we can't do without it. Not even without Metrobus. We wonder if there can be such a sloppy and poorly resolved stop structure in every Zincirlikuyu transfer. Marmaray will also be indispensable in the future. It's a big investment and a pretty good solution. However, it should not be forgotten that there are some difficulties in its production and presentation. We cannot understand those who greet the event fanatically, such as supporting the football team, instead of looking at Marmaray as a transportation project. Those who praise Marmaray are exaggerating, and those who criticize it are bad… It is above humility to launch it as “the project of the century from the leader of the century” and “Thanks to London and Beijing connected”. Speaking of the London-Beijing connection, it's an indication that those who put it out don't know how obsessed Russia has been with rail transport since the steam locomotive came out. What the vindictive side says: “It was done with our taxes.” First of all, this project will pay its own debt (hopefully), also, of course, it will be done with the tax of the citizen so that you do not drive or waste fuel while crossing the street. Pay less tax and be less dependent. Another claim: “Great danger, there is a deviation of 15 cm”. It is a known fact that there is liquefaction under immersed tunnels. So it was known before the project started. Now it's surprising to cook up and reveal this information ten days before the opening. If certain values ​​are below the acceptance, the work is continued. It was even claimed that the signaling and testing stages were neglected. It's been tampered with. Despite this, the prejudiced public began to say on social media, "I will not ride", "Water will fill it", "Those inside will die in an earthquake". It is very sad; We even saw people praying for disaster. Also, think about what would have been said if it hadn't opened because it didn't arrive on October 29. As a result, we have problems in digesting the project. The first reason that comes to mind is to cause the death of more than 40 people by overloading the outdated technology with the phrase "We already have a high-speed train line". Admit it, we were afraid that this strange and irresponsible situation in the chain of command would happen in this project as well. We are still afraid.

TCDD's bad record on this issue makes even the most sensitive ones doubt. TMMOB tried to denigrate the project as if it were a political party. In case of technical inadequacy, he should have requested multiple inspections. Engineers and engineers of the chambers had to conduct on-site inspection. At the press conference, he did not say that we wanted to examine the project, but they did not have it examined. I wish they would look into it now. Marmaray should be supported. Should be preferred. Even if you are a strong opponent, you should do this to show that the 3rd bridge is an unnecessary environmental massacre. After Marmaray, we should also highlight the unnecessaryness of the tube project for rubber-wheeled vehicles. Marmaray is safe and fast from vehicle tunnel passage, bridge and sea transportation.

In short, you should not disparage the grape just because you do not like the grape grower. What is required is to give due value to relatively clean, comfortable solutions such as Marmaray. It is necessary to make an effort to ensure that a disaster like the crazy project, the Kanal Istanbul project, is not attempted, and that a scuba vehicle is not passed to the strait. Republic of Turkey's 90th birthday celebration gift should be something like this. It is not nice to put forward and slander the technical parts of the gift, which most of them do not understand. If the government embraces this job in a way that it does not deserve and winking at the potential to vote with strange approaches, know that it would have the same effect by saying "We will establish a Moon monitoring station on Marmara Island".

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