Depth of Marmaray

depth of marmaray
depth of marmaray

Marmaray 29, the project of the century that connects the continents of Asia and Europe under the sea, opens in October. President Abdullah Gül and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, as well as foreign statesmen will participate in the big ceremony will take place in Üsküdar today.

Marmaray and an Istanbul-based Zeytinburnu subway from Kartal to 37 kilometers of Ayrılıkçeşme'de will be able to travel uninterrupted. This journey is completely underground and will take you to 25 minutes. In addition, a passenger from Üsküdar to Marmaray will have access to Sirkeci in exactly 3 minutes. Marmaray is expected to carry 1,5 million passengers per day.

Approximately 5 billion pounds cost of Marmaray citizens today will be able to use. Those who ride to Marmaray for the first time will pay 1.95 TL. Relays from other systems will give 1.40 TL. If you need to specify that; 1 for Marmaray will not be charged to citizens until November, free travel can be made.

Marmaray depth!

The depth issue of Marmaray keeps everyone's mind busy. The depth of Marmaray is exactly 60 meters. 60 meter is the deepest tunnel in the world. The length of the Marmaray tube passage is 1,4 kilometers.

Marmaray project technical information…

  • Superficial metro section length - 63 kilometers,

  • Number of stations on surface - 37 units,

  • Total Length of Railway Strait Tube Section 13,6 kilometers,

  • Drilling tunnel length - 9,8 kilometers,

  • Immersed tube tunnel length - 1,4 kilometers,

  • 2,4 kilometer length of cut-and-close tunnel,

  • Number of underground stations - 3

  • Station length - less than 225 meters

  • Number of passengers in one direction - 75 thousand

  • Maximum inclination - 18

  • Number of vehicles - 440

  • Number of train journeys - 2-10 minutes

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