Marmaray failures moved to parliament

Marmaray failures moved to parliament: Deputy Chairman of CHP Umut Oran, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, "Marmaray safe, and technical and security deficiencies until the completion of the command will you give instructions to stop?" He asked.
Oran, the Prime Minister to answer the question submitted to the Presidency of the Parliament, "Many technical and security problems that we warn you about the start of Marmaray voyage yesterday, the reasons for stopping the hours before the 24 asked what?" He asked.
Oran asked the Prime Minister the following questions:
? What is the reason why the 4 times power cut in Marmaray and wagon gates open from time to time? How do you prevent the recurrence of this dangerous situation? Are there no energy power support alternatives in Marmaray?
Isn't it a dangerous situation for large crowds to walk across the tube at the bottom of the throat when the electricity is cut off? Was such an emergency anticipated during the construction of this tube? Is there a danger of walking / oscillation?
Today's technical problems in place to determine the need to broadcast Sözcü Did you take any action on the 4-5 security guard who attacked the cameraman with TV and newspaper reporter Edda Sönmez, and prevented the shooting of the camera? Who are these security guards, who gave the blocking / attack instructions to them?
Sözcü NTV, SkyTurk, as well as the correspondents of TVs, even if they broadcast Sözcüwas blocked? What is the reason for this discrimination?
What is the reason why Marmaray did not stop at Sirkeci and took the passengers to Üsküdar? Therefore, during the voyage 'Dear passengers will not stop at Sirkeci station for a while to provide better service' What is the meaning of the announcement?
According to the reports reached, Marmaray could not use this station because Sirkeci station is not completed yet and it could not be rinsed at this station during your opening time. Is this sense correct? Why did you open when the station was missing?
Isn't it a deficiency in Marmaray, where you opened the day before, to bring passengers to Europe, not to be downloaded in Sirkeci, to the continent?
Will you make Marmaray safe and give instructions to stop the voyages until the technical and security deficiencies are completed?

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