Konya's new tram arrives to the festival

The new tramway arrives to the festival: The first green-and-white-colored 60 tram, which Konya is watching with longing, will be included in the transportation caravan at the Feast of Sacrifice. The current trams, which have been used for nearly 22 years, will be completely renovated in March when all trams are in our city
50 will solve the problem of public transportation in the year of 60 and the new tram after the tender for the purchase of the new model of the Czech Republic by the company Skoda started the production of the first set of the last trams will be put into service in the city. According to the information on this issue, the first set of new trams started to be loaded in the Czech Republic. First highway and then by sea to the Mersin port will be brought to the trams here because of the holiday holidays to make a new delay was learned that the contact of the Metropolitan Municipality officials. As it is known that the flood disaster in the Czech Republic and the arrival of the first tram in the city due to the impact of the factory on the request of the producer company 15 days were shifted. The construction of the tested tram was officially made in 26 in August.
With the survey conducted, the new trams want the color to be green-white with a great preference, and the amount of 1 million 706 per vehicle will be worth around a thousand euros. Each trolley will have a capacity of 70, 231 and 287. 32,5 meter length, 2,55 meter width of the trolley driver and passenger sections will be all air conditioned. Together with other equipment, the new trams with a total of 104 million 700 thousand Euros are specially designed for Konya. Vehicles 5 year warranty, ie 5 year maintenance, repair, spare parts and consumables will be covered by the contractor firm. trams are coming to our city can not be produced in Turkey at the moment, 100 percent low-floor, unobstructed world and is considered as the latest models of vehicles.
Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tahir Akyürek stated that they have reached an important stage in the works carried out for many years in Konya and said: “We have been working on new roads, roads, new lines, minibus transportation, transportation by private vehicles, rail system transportation and bus lines in Konya public transportation system. came to an important stage. Konya is planning to resume public transportation Konya. KONYARAY project began in the middle of 2012, studies will continue with new rail system investments and metro line will continue with the President emphasizing Akyurek, investments in Konya's 50 annual public transportation needs will be solved, he added.
Emphasizing that the current trams carry the burden of Konya for 22 years, and now a new technology, President Akyürek said, “The vehicles are equipped with non-vehicle camera systems so that passenger comfort can be seen both in the vehicle interior and in the driver's door in view of passenger safety. The vehicles are equipped with passenger information. The energy consumed during braking is returned and energy is saved. Since there is a driver's cab on the front and the rear, it will continue to operate in accordance with the single-line operation if there is a fault on the vehicle or the line. There are doors on both sides of the vehicles. In the central project stations planned in the Metro project, it is also suitable for passenger loading and unloading. Since 2 can operate in series, the number of passengers can be doubled at the same time.

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