Ropeway to Konya's Tavusbaba Grove

Ropeway to Konya's Tavusbaba Woods: Konya Metropolitan Municipality will make the region a center of attraction with the arrangement of the picnic area in Meram Tavusbaba Woods.

Metropolitan Region Secretary General Haşmet Okur, KOSKİ General Manager İsmail Selim Uzbaş and other officials who examined the Metropolitan Mayor Tahir Akyürek, said they carried out a large project in Meram.

Akyürek stated that the works in the Tavusbaba Preserve form an integrity with the arrangements made at Meram Son Durak and said: m We continue to organize around the Tavusbaba Mosque. We are working on the way up to Tavusbaba Hill. So far, facilities such as facilities for social needs, rain shelter, parking lot were built. A coffee house will be built here. Meram Son Durak will be reached by cable car. This place will be the new attraction, rest, oxygen area of ​​Konya. Yeni

Akyürek said that there is a beautiful green area texture in this area that is seen from above and that they are trying to open this service to the public in a coordinated manner with the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs.

Within the scope of Meram Tavusbaba Recreation Area study of Konya Metropolitan Municipality, 60 perimeter, parking lot, 3 kilometer walking and jogging path, 360 square rain shelter, 200 picnic table, retaining walls and social need areas were made.

Within the scope of the study, the cable car line and building, 1 pieces of café, 2 pieces of coffeehouse, sports fields, grass amphitheater, children's playgrounds, viewing terraces, dishwashing places and fountains are planned.

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📩 24/11/2018 12:34