Kemal Demirel From Dream to Truth Railway Photo Exhibition

Kemal Demirel From Dream to Truth Photo Exhibition: Visiting the exhibition opened recently,
Uludag University Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architecture, Assoc. Dr. Prof. Yavuz Taneli, Lecturer See. Dr. Selay Yurtkuran, Y. Architect Cenk Yoldaş, Res. See. Y. Architect Gözde Kırlı and architecture department 4. classroom students; Architectural Design 7 project workshop together with his deputy, Mr. Kemal Demirel 16 annual train route that tells the story of "Dream to Life" exhibition. We would like to thank Mr. Kemal Demirel for his efforts and stated that our students were very impressed and excited.
The briefing of MEP Kemal Demirel and the exchange of ideas with the Architectural Design 7 project team contributed to the design of the Bursa High Speed ​​Train Terminal, which the students worked on this term. We hope that the efforts made by Mr. Kemal Demirel in order to bring a train terminal to Bursa will be supported by the evaluation of the student projects produced on a discussion platform.
I also thanked them for the visit of our teachers and students.
He said he would always be there to support his projects.



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