Kemal Demirel Investigated 16 Annual Dream

Kemal Demirel 16 Yearly Investigated: The long-haul train of the former deputy Kemal Demirel's 16 is the real dream. Demirel examined the high-speed train works.
16 39 province and 8 district, 250 pounds walking distance to 22 trains, 23 and 2015 collecting hundreds of thousands of signatures. Bursa period deputy Kemal Demirel, ongoing construction of the ongoing high-speed train project. Demirel, who visited the tunnels, received information from the authorities. Emphasizing that the foundation of the high-speed train was laid about a year ago, Demirel said, “The train was expected to end in 16. I've been fighting for the XNUMX train to Bursa for years. I tried to explain this with exhibitions. We want Bursa to reach a modern transportation vehicle with both freight and passenger train. Bursa
Demirel said that this is a promise to go on the road, '' I will continue this struggle until the Bursalılar train 'I said. I saw the rapid train work in the frame of the information I received from the authorities saw the rapid progress, Yet he said.

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