Izmir commuter system with history

A journey to history with the İzmir Suburban system: Sebahattin Eriş, General Manager of İZBAN AŞ, in a statement to the AA correspondent, in 50 with the 2010% partnership of TCDD and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which operates the Izmir Suburban system known as Aliağa-Cumaovası line. it starts operations, he said they were working with firsts in Turkey.
In Turkey, the first railway construction and operation of the access Sebahattin reminiscent took place in Izmir, "the first company engaged in transportation on TCDD lines with their own vehicles and staff are also izban. The most important first of our company is that it was created with the cooperation of the central and local administrations. ”
- “Now 80, soon 112 kilometers”
Expressing that İZBAN is a “perspective of the firsts”, Eriş stated that they are currently operating on a 80-kilometer route and will work on a 2014-kilometer line in the first quarter of 32 with the addition of the 112-kilometer Torbalı line.
Explaining that the 28-kilometer section between Torbalı and Selçuk has been tendered, Eriş said, “There is no expropriation problem there, we believe it will end in a very short time. We believe that IZBAN will stop by Selcuk in 2-3 years. ”
Describing the ultimate goal of the project as "connecting two cultural areas between Selçuk and Bergama", Eriş said, "When the Bergama line ends, we will reach one of the world's few suburban lines of 191 kilometers."
The infrastructure and transportation of cities that are candidates for major organizations such as the Olympics and EXPO have a high score. kazanSebahattin Eriş said that Izmir is ready for the EXPO 2020 organization in terms of rail transportation.
-The importance of cooperation, new trains and cooperation
İzmir Metro Inc. General Manager Sonmez Alev also İZBAN Inc. Noting that Turkey's best-equipped workshop facilities for train maintenance center, the first central and local governments across the country voiced positive results of cooperation.
Stating that they aim to work in a service-oriented manner, Sönmez Alev said, “Everyone's view of life may be different, but when the job is back to service, we are all people of this city, this country. 'I' and 'side' in our work sözcüWe do not use the third. Everyone is looking for better quality work. The strongest side of İZBAN AŞ is that it has two powers, such as TCDD and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, behind it. Centuries-old institutions should set an example in cooperation ”.
Every day carry more passengers, 227 thousand passengers with a record breaking record about the flame, continued his speech:
“We produce services between Aliağa and Cumaovası on the north day line with 32 stations and two transfer stations. We realize 35 percent of public transportation in İzmir by rail system and we carry 11-12 percent of İzmir population. The number of passengers carried by the rail system, including İzmir Metro AŞ, is now over 450 thousand. This collaboration has been such a good example that it has received the best cooperation award from the International Association of Public Transporters, the world's largest public transportation board. Gaziray appears in Gaziantep with a similar formation. İZBAN continues to set an example in Turkey and abroad. ”
Alev stated that İZBAN AŞ currently has a fleet of 33 wagons with 99 sets, they have rented 10 more sets from TCDD and served with 43 sets in total, and they have started purchasing 40 more train sets and expanded the fleet day by day.
Sönmez Alev stated that they aim to carry 550 passengers per day in the company's establishment and that 6 station will take place in Torbalı line, which will be put into service in the near future, and that the number of passengers can reach to 1 million even when Bergama and Selçuk line is activated.

Source : I www.beyazgazete.co

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  1. I wondered if the line of Tepekoy line couldn't be resumed I wondered if it was said that it would end in 2015