Istanbul Railway System Investments

metro istanbul
metro istanbul

Istanbul Rail System Investments: Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality; Architect Kadir Topbaş said that 3 rail system line and 1 air line will be established in Tuzla within the scope of “Rail System Investments”. According to Mayor Topbaş's statement Halkalı - Gebze Marmaray Surface Line 2016, Kaynarca - Tuzla Shipyard Metro Line 2017, Sabiha Gokcen Airport - Tuzla (OSB) Rail System Line and Sabiha Gokcen Airport-Formula Havaray line will be put into service after 2019.

Kadir Topbas, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, who conducted his works with the slogan toplantı Metro Everywhere, Metro Everywhere “, held an information meeting about alar Rail System Investments ı of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in Haliç Congress Center.

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kadir Topbas, as well as Deputy Chairman of the AK Party Organization Ekrem Erdem, AK Party Istanbul deputy Feyzullah Kiyik, Hakan Sukur, Tulay Kaynarca, Harun Karaca, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Advisors to the President, IMM Secretary General Vice Presidents, Heads of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, General Managers of İBB Associates and a large number of IMM employees participated.

For faster, comfortable and safe public transportation, 9 continued their uninterrupted efforts for years and said ini We will sit on the rail of Istanbul için. We have realized the biggest metro investment in the history of the Republic Cumhuriyet.

President Topbaş, who noted that they have made 263 junctions and roads since the day they took office, gave the following information about the new Metro lines:Kadıköy - We put the Kartal Metro Line into service in 2012, now we extend it to Tuzla. Bus Station - Bağcılar Kirazlı - Başakşehir - Olimpiyatköy Metro Line is in service. Haliç Metro Pass Bridge, which connects Taksim to Yenikapı, is integrated into the transportation system this year. We complete Üsküdar - Ümraniye - Çekmeköy - Sancaktepe Metro Line in record time and open in 2015. Mecidiyeköy - Kağıthane - Alibeyköy - Mahmutbey Metro Line is laying this year, and we put it into service in 2017. ”

2013 is a very important year X

President Kadir Topbas, Marmaray, Yenikapi Transfer Center and Halic Metro Transition Bridge will be completed as of 2013 and therefore 2013 is a very important year, underlining, "Metro, metrobus, tram and sea lines, meet for uninterrupted transport," he said .
U We are not doing business, not Vaad, ece said Mayor Kadir Topbas, önce 2004'ta starting the task before the preparation of the master plan of this city by designing the future has designed, ”he said. Mayor Topbaş continued his words: devam We tried to take steps to facilitate the life of a person in any part of Istanbul in this city. The measure of a city's civilization depends on the rate of use of public transport vehicles for those living in that city. If it uses public transport instead of individual vehicles it is city civilization. When we look at another dimension, public transport is the place of socialization. Bir

Stating that they worked day and night and focused on solving the transportation problem that was neglected in the past, Mayor Topbaş continued as follows: “We want every person living in this city -which has the characteristics of a country- to be able to reach any point of this city by subway. So let's say "metro everywhere, subway everywhere". Currently, many cities of the world have prepared and are using metro projects years ago. By working much harder on this delayed system, we bring the world's most modern subways to our city with the most advanced technology brought by today's conditions. kazanWe are trying to climb.”

We weave Istanbul with iron nets İstanbul

Mayor Topbaş underlined that they will have one of the most important metro lines in the world when their transportation master plans are implemented. Irsak If we consider New York's 800, London and Tokyo's 500, and Paris's 400 km subway networks, Istanbul will be the second city in the world after New York with the largest subway network after New York. This is not a dream. This is a Project. Step by step. Under the 2019 clock-based ground 24-30 meters underground, we have people who shed the sweat from the labor trying to weave Istanbul with iron nets. I thank them, they are writing a date. We don't know, but we use those who built the tunnel subway that started our 40 construction and completed it at 1973. It meets the important needs of the city. ”
Istanbul is a country İstanbul

Mayor Topbas reminded that Istanbul is bigger than many European countries and said, ün We have invested a large part of our budget, namely the 55. We're renewing our buses. Metrobus line - as a solution in the sense of the system-service we provide. We say that this system will be more accurate to the city by metro. History, the environment is saved by metro, Tarih he said.

Why did we give a newspaper ad?

Mayor Topbaş explained the reason of the announcements they gave to the newspapers today: el Metro is the life of the city. Because the 50-70 thousand people are moving in one direction per hour. There are no other countries that have done so much with the municipal budget. As Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, we are trying to make our own budget. These investments, which we accept as a great success, are asked to us at every meeting we go in the world and they cannot hide their admiration in the face of their answers. Why are we talking about here today, why have we announced newspapers? We say that Istanbul will keep these newspaper clippings. He will see in the near future, each of which will make life easier. On the other hand, let him plan his future accordingly. He can see where he's sitting, how he gets to work. Now everyone will reach a metro within walking distance. This is not a dream. These are the projects. We live the excitement of realization. We feel the excitement of doing them. Bunlar

The period of rail systems begins Ray

Mayor Topbaş pointed out that they did metro projects to places where the word of the metro was not even possible and continued his speech: olmadı We are also talking about the metro in Beykoz and Sarıyer. In other words, there will be no district in Istanbul where the metro is not. We weave Istanbul with iron nets. This is not a poem of dreams. We're not talking about a dream. We are talking about the beauty that we have put forward and we have successfully implemented. We want everyone to enjoy their lives in Istanbul. Metro networks in Istanbul are the most advanced technology in the world. We have applied here where the world is the best technology. We have the subways without machinery. Such advanced technology. The people we interviewed in New York City used these lines and praised them. The kilometer 100 million of this kind of investment is entrusted to us by the budget of the Istanbulites. There is a saying, 'heart that does not burn the eye does not live' he. Our problem is that this city deserves to come to this place. We watched the metros coming to every point of Istanbul. Now Istanbul is on the rail. Now the system is mainly beginning the period of rail systems. The period of individual driving will be over. Bireysel

Projects to benefit Tuzla

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Architect Kadir Topbas, "Rail System Investments" within the scope of the 3 rail system line in Tuzla, 1 Havaray line will be established, he said. Mayor Topbaş explained the investments that Tuzla will benefit from:


Halkalı - Gebze Marmaray Surface Metro Line (63,5 Km - 115 Minutes)
Stations: Halkalı • Mustafa Kemal • Küçükçekmece • Florya • Yeşilköy • Yeşilyurt • Ataköy • Bakırköy • Yenimahalle • Zeytinburnu • Feneryolu • Göztepe • Erenköy • Suadiye • Bostancı • Küçükyalı • İdealtepe • Süreyya Beach • Maltepe • Cevizli • Ancestors • Virgo • Eagle • Dolphin • Pendik • Kaynarca • Shipyard • Güzelyalı • Aydıntepe • İçmeler • Tuzla • Cayirova • Fatih • Osmangazi • Gebze


Kaynarca - Tuzla Shipyard Metro Line (3,5 Km - 6 Minutes)
Stations: Kaynarca Merkez • Shipyard


1-Sabiha Gokcen Airport - Tuzla (OSB) Rail System Line (6,8 Km - 10 Minutes)
2-Sabiha Gokcen Airport - Formula Havaray Line (7,7 Km - 15,5 Minutes)

Transportation from Tuzla

When the metro investments of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality are completed, the transportation between the metro at Tuzla and Kucukcekmece in 2016 will be at 94 minutes, and the transportation between the metro at Tuzla and Üsküdar in Tuzla will be at 2017 minutes.

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