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ISPARK Traffic, says go ahead on the park road: The parking spaces that ISPARK has installed near the public transportation stations are full. The company is working to create new areas due to intense interest.
İSPARK accelerated the 'Park, Continue' project, which was launched for drivers who want to come with their vehicles to the subway, metrobus, ferry and Marmaray and continue their journey with these vehicles. With 34 parking lots it has set up to date, İSPARK has pulled 10 thousand vehicles off the roads and saved Istanbul traffic from a 100-kilometer vehicle convoy. While the drivers who come to the Metrobus stop but cannot park their car because there is no space, they have to go to the side streets, while those who come to the Bosphorus Bridge have to continue with their vehicles because they cannot find a place. The same problem is experienced at the ferry and metro stations. As such, the traffic in Istanbul is becoming inextricable again. ISPARK, which aims to eliminate the capacity problem, is trying to build car parks in places it deems suitable. Even the places close to the feet of the Bosphorus bridges, the sections under the viaduct, intersections, and lands close to critical points are at the target of İSPARK. Stating that the new car parks are on the way, İSPARK General Manager Mehmet Çevik said, “Planning works continue in the vicinity of Metro, Metrobus, İDO, Tram and other public transportation vehicles. Çevik said that next year, new parking lots with a capacity of approximately 5 thousand will be put into service.
New places for the bike
Stating that they are trying to encourage the use of bicycles, which are widely preferred in crowded countries such as the USA, Europe and China, as İSPARK, Mehmet Çevik said, “We continue to add new ones to the parking units in order to spread the bicycle. For this purpose, İSPARK installed a free bicycle parking unit at 4 stations in 32 main metro lines across the city. İSPARK, with the slogan “Park Your Bike, Continue Your Way by Subway” Kadıköy-Kaltal, Bağcılar-Başakşehir, Zeytinburnu-Kabataş and free parking units put into service on the Hacıosman-Taksim metro lines will contribute to the establishment of the bicycle culture. In cooperation with the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, we install bicycle units on axles that are suitable throughout the city. ”
There is a multi-storey system if there is no land
The biggest problem in creating parking spaces in big cities is the lack of land. Many European cities solve this problem by installing fully automatic multi-storey car parks. Another advantage of the system, which almost doubles the capacity of a small plot where 10 vehicles can park, is to avoid the time drivers lose when trying to find their vehicle in large parking lots. In the system installed near public transportation stations, the vehicle is parked by moving to the upper floors by elevator.

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