Is the ropeway solution to the traffic problem in Istanbul

Is the solution to Istanbul's traffic problem cable: Istanbul traffic can be a solution against the 7 proposal was presented. There are interesting ones in it.

Urbanism Specialist Dr. Recep Bozlağan said that Istanbul traffic has increased day by day and new roads should be built in Istanbul. Bozlağan said: “Because the gross national product has tripled. In parallel, vehicle ownership in Istanbul has doubled. Traffic has become this because both the city is growing extraordinary. Taking all these into account, the traffic density in the city is high. Let us put our hands on our conscience; Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality makes significant investments for Istanbul. New subway lines arrived. New bridge is being constructed. But there is a great opposition to it. A certain number of people are complaining about traffic, criticizing them, but the same people are also opposed to new projects to reduce traffic.


Bozlağan stated that new roads were opened in Istanbul but the density of these new roads has increased because of the development of the surrounding areas. Bozlağan said: ilgili Urban transformation areas should be evaluated. New land must be produced here. Increased development densities should be taken over historical settlements and main arteries and moved to places such as Kurtköy and Büyükçekmece. In Bomonti, for example, there is a serious problem with transportation. However, there are high plazas, skyscrapers and shopping centers. This further complicates the congested traffic. Tepeüstü, Kozyatağı, CevizliThe main arteries leading to Kartal, Ataşehir regions are already cramped. Traffic is becoming a great ordeal because these are more crowded with new constructions. The city needs new main arteries. Şehr


In order to use the wheeled transportation more efficiently, Bozlağan said that public transportation vehicles should be used instead of individual vehicles. Ğan Although the Metrobus is criticized for its density, it is used by 1 million per day. In my opinion, Metrobus is a very nice project and some other BRT lines should be built.

First of all, the metrobus has to be extended to Tuzla on the Anatolian side. The new metrobus lines can be met on the routes such as Esenyurt-Aksaray, Mahmutbey-Kavacık, Harem-Tuzla, Yenikapı- Küçükçekmece, Bağdat Street, Kalamış coastal road and the pressure on the existing BRT can be reduced.-


Recep Bozlağan says that Istanbul is a settlement of hills and valleys and that ropeway lines can be built between these hills. Here are the new ropeway lines; Iz Seyrantepe-Nurtepe, Baltalimanı- Hisarüstü, Anadoluhisarı-Kavacık, Çubuklu- Kavacık, Beylerbeyi-Altunizade. Similarly, a cable car line can be constructed close to 20. It can also be interconnected by two continental ropeways over the Istanbul Strait. Ayrıca


Stating that the car ferry lines should be developed and reproduced to alleviate the traffic of the bridge, Bozlağan also said, “The existing Harem-Sirkeci car ferry is not sufficient. Harem-Kabataş, Kabataş-Beylerbeyi, Baltalimanı-Çubukçu, Yenikapı- KadıköyThe road traffic can be relaxed by opening ferry lines between the Zeytinburnu-Bostancı, Ambarlı-Yalova and Mudanya routes. "The new car ferry routes to be built are not very expensive," he said.


Biri One of the biggest reasons for the bridge traffic is the high number of box office, ın said Recep Bozlağan, a City Planning Specialist, who emphasized the following; UM The 16-17 stands out on the road with four lanes. After the tolls, the road falls back to the 4 lane and this area is swollen and this swell affects the rest of the tolls. In the past, the entrance was paid cash for every vehicle 2 was wasting time in minutes.

But now that it is OGS and KGS system, 3 can pass through the box in seconds. That's why there's so much box office. The box count should be up to the number of ribbons. This applies not only to bridges but also to toll roads such as Mahmutbey.


Speaking about the need for parking around the main arteries in Istanbul, Bozlağan said, rol Metros, trams, metrobus stops need to have large parking lots. At least if people are not using public transport when they leave their homes, they can continue to public transport. This can alleviate the traffic pressure on the main arteries. In addition, the hotels and shopping malls in the city centers should have at least a part of their parking lots outside the week for the citizens. Ayrıca

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