Historical railway is being revived

Historical railway is being brought to life again: Kağıthane Municipality started work to revive the historical railway line, the foundations of which were laid in 1915.
In a written statement made by the Kağıthane Municipality, it was reported that the work was started to make the district a blend of modern time and historical fabric by realizing the historical railway line.
Starting its works from historical documents and ruins, Kağıthane Municipality has determined the route of the Kagithane Railway, which was established under the name of "Golden Horn-Black Sea Sahara Line" during the First World War, in order to transport coal to the Guntaraga Electric Factory. Later on, with the support of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the Municipality accelerated its work and applied to the Board of Monuments for the registration of the line.
As a result of the inspections carried out by the municipality, it was learned that the line could be rebuilt in accordance with its original structure and that the historical railway line to be constructed could be used for cultural tourism outside the city, while the remaining part of the city center could be used for public transportation.
- Of the 4 main stations located on the line, the closest one to the city was the Kagithane station.
According to historical sources, the Golden Horn-Black Sea field line, which was established as a connection line between the Guntarağa Power Plant operating in Istanbul in 1914, and the lignite quarries in the north of the city, transported the coal, which was extracted from Zonguldak and brought to Istanbul by sea, to Silahtarağa Power Plant. The second leg of the line was put into service when the coal supply was started in the First World War.
Starting from Silahtarağa Power Plant, the line running north through the west coast of the Kagithane Creek and passing through Göktürk was divided into two branches in Kemerburgaz. One branch was following the Kagithane Stream and passing under Uzunkemer, meeting the Black Sea in the village of Agacli. Among the 4 main stations on the line, the closest one to the city was the Kagithane Station.
The rails of the closed line were buried in the ground. Non-soil parts were removed. While the sections of the passage route outside the city still exist today, many of the milestones have survived to the present day.
- Golden Horn and Anatolian Side will be connected
Stating that the project will connect the Golden Horn and the Anatolian Side, Kağıthane Mayor Fazlı Kılıç said, “This railway is a very important milestone in the history of Kağıthane. If we tolerate the disappearance of the traces of this road and do not rebuild it, we would have done a great evil against history. Before I became mayor, I was dreaming of this railway. As soon as we took office, we took the whole archive in front of us and thought a lot about what to do. We have received information from our historians and technicians on this subject. I talked to the TCDD management and made a mapping study on the old line. After finalizing the mapping study jointly conducted by the Kagithane Municipality and State Railways teams, we invited Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbas to inform him about the railway and its route on site. We saw that President Topbaş is knowledgeable and interested in this matter. We gave a detailed briefing about the map and the route. In a moment of this briefing we gave along the way, Kadir Bey called the General Manager of TCDD and asked for technical support. Right after this trip, Kadir Topbaş instructed the Istanbul Metropolitan Planning Bureau to process the line on maps and plans and project it for the reconstruction of the railway. As a result of this instruction, the working group established in the Metropolitan Plan Bureau toured the land, made a helicopter flight on the line and prepared a preliminary study. The draft project was completed in April 2009. This road will bring the two seas together. ”
- With our good news from our Prime Minister, our dream of a century will come true
Stating that they continue their work on the land after this stage, Mayor Kılıç said, “We have come to a certain stage in consultation with Eyüp, another district where the line passes. In his speech at the opening ceremony of the Black Sea water channel, which was moved to Kagithane last year, our Prime Minister gave the good news that the Guntar - Agacli railway line will be rebuilt. So our century-old dream started to come true. This train line joins through the Third Bosphorus Bridge near Çiftalan village in the north. You know that there will be a train line on this road. We will also establish a transfer station at the junction point of our train line. Thus, those who want to cross the Asian Side will be able to get off the train and get on another. Thus, the Golden Horn will be connected to the Anatolian Side as well. ”
In the statement, which was stated to be one of the new brands of Istanbul with the revealing of the historical railway, it was noted that Kâ Kağıthane continues to blend the past and the modern world.

Source : gundem.milliyet.com.t is

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