High Speed ​​Rail Line Izmit Urban Transit Rail and Traves Laying Process Has Started

High Speed ​​Rail Line İzmit Transit Rail and Traves Laying Process Started: ANKARA-Istanbul between the 3 hours and the first test drive will be held in October 29 High Speed ​​Train Line, the studies continue intensively. While the rail laying between Gebze and Izmit was completed to a great extent, the teams moved to the traves and rail laying works in the Izmit city crossing.
In the previous statements, although the trial flights 30 is reported to start in September and the normal flights will start in October, 29 has not been able to carry out a trial run of 3 days before due to some problems. In the past days, as the Transportation and Maritime Affairs Minister Binali Yildirim came to Kocaeli, the 29 will be the first test drive of the high-speed train in October. While the works were speeded up to keep the line on the 29 trial expedition in October, it completed the laying of the rail between Gebze and İzmit. The 9 tunnel on the 10 bridge, the 22 aperture has been modified, and the 28 new aperture and the 2 subway are also built in the 56 kilometer section.
Teams nowadays, Izmit removed the old-fashioned traves of the line along the line removed from here under the new line began to lay. In the upcoming days, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yildirim, is expected to come to Kocaeli to be briefed.
As previously announced by Kocaeli Governor Ercan Topaca, High Speed ​​Train will definitely stop at Gebze and Izmit stations. Besides these stations, the high speed train will stop at Sakarya's Arifiye and Pamukova, Bilecik and Bozüyük stations. High-speed train will stop at these stations, rapid train arrangements were made.

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