Chairman Kocaoglu: We made the 85 of the Aliaga-Menderes rail line

Mayor Kocaoglu: We made the 85 of the Aliaga-Menderes rail system line: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu attended the groundbreaking ceremony of the meat integrated plant to be built in the district of Ödemiş. In his speech here, the Governor of Izmir and the AK Party, criticizing the managers Kocaoglu, the percentage of İZBAN'ın 85'i said they did. AK Party provincial Chairman Omer Cihat Akay criticized, "the ruling party's provincial president gave the statement, 'Aliaga-Menderes Rail System 70'i percent we made, the municipality has made 30.' says. The foundation of this project was laid on 2006. We also TCDD government agency, our expenditures are certified. 10 liraya 10 thousand pounds do not have a case, the document is based. I'm going to take out the paper with whoever made that money after I threw this foundation. 85'ın percent of the Metropolitan Municipality spent, the 15'i TCDD spent. To say otherwise is the pollution of the information, the head of the nation to blur.
Referring to the topic of the Sümerbank land owned by the Special Provincial Administration in his speech, Governor Kocaoğlu also talked to the subject, İ First they made a school, now a museum to be done. I'm not against the museum, we give all kinds of support. Governor Bey says he'il make a museum here. The Ministry of Culture will build this museum. 'This is the cost, financing this, I will give the land to TOKI, he will do.' The museum is not done. We need this, we're ready to do it. We are expropriating the museum in Kadifekale. There's something hidden here. We have made plans here, 40 thousand square meters of land can be done in the hotel. The value of this land is very high. Sümerbank land, a museum to be made to the whole goal, to sell beautiful real estate. 3,5 billion pounds of the Special Provincial Administration has been planted. It is wanted to be sold, wanted to be finished and all kinds of games are played through this property. Mak
The title of which belongs to the Metropolitan Municipality, Bayraklı Stating that 100 decares of land in the district is intended to be given to the Highways, Kocaoğlu said, “We are the owner of the property. Milli Emlak took it away from us by saying that it was pasture. Then this place came out of the pasture field. We asked for it to be allocated, but they said that the order of priority is on Highways. My title deed. Alright, give me my title deed, my brother. The highways sold the regional building and construction site. Then he will usurp the 100-acre land of the next Metropolitan Bleed, 'it was pasture, you bought it.' Such a state is not ruled, such a nation is not ruled. No such economy. This is not going. What does the strange citizen do with the deed of the Metropolitan Municipality? ” he spoke.
President Aziz Kocaoglu, AK Party Deputy Chairman Nukhet Hotar, "Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to cooperate, against coal, now is distributing wood." He evaluated the criticism: "Not only in my time, from the period of Pristina, this day in Ramadan, Ramadan, the narrow day needs we help our citizens. We distribute both supplies and provide money. We cut and distribute the woods cut by the Park Gardens Directorate in order to enter the stove. We've been doing this for years, but we're not advertising it. In our religion, one hand does not see the other hand. We believe that. Help is not advertised. It is the duty of the municipality to help people in need. They saw wood in a sack, and they do politics there. Bir
Mayor Bekir Keskin have paid if the President Kocaoglu, thanking their support for the plant, "This project will be an important tool for the development of Menderes in Turkey. Thousands of animals in this region are changing hands and value added to different provinces. Together with this facility, we will ensure that the 350 thousand cattle shall be evaluated by staying in our district. We are preparing to make their mark in Ödemiş of meat and dairy products in Turkey. "He said. District Governor Abdullah Dölek 100 on the agenda of the annual dream takes place, the plant will enter the front of livestock breeding livelihoods will be opened and will create its own brand said.

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