Test runs on the Golden Horn Metro Bridge

Test drives started on the Golden Horn Metro Bridge: Test drives started on the Golden Horn Metro Bridge, which caused controversy due to its impact on the historical skyline of Istanbul.
Estimated to use 1 million people a day, the Golden Horn Metro Bridge will be put into service by 2 in January following tests lasting approximately 2014 months.
The countdown for the Golden Horn Metro Pass Bridge has started and there are days left for the Taksim subway to land in Yenikapı. The project, which is expected to breathe significantly into Istanbul traffic, has come to an end. The Golden Horn Metro Crossing Bridge, where test drives begin, is expected to come into service in January 2014.
On the day of opening the Marmaray project on October 29, 1 million people are expected to use the Golden Horn Metro Crossing Bridge, which will be tested by Prime Minister Erdoğan. Istanbul Metro and Marmaray will be united with the bridge, which cost 180 million liras. Passengers getting on the metro from Hacıosman will be able to reach the Yenikapı Marmaray transfer station without interruption.
There are also cafes on the Karaköy foot of the bridge, which allows you to walk 13 meters above the Golden Horn by watching the Historic Peninsula.
The citizens of the bridge will contribute to the solution of the traffic problem, said the passengers could reach the place as soon as possible.



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