Gar-tekkeköy rail system route starts next month

Gar-tekkeköy rail system route studies are starting next month: Deputy Mayor of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mustafa Yurt said that the railway system route between Gar and Tekkeköy will start from next month.
Deputy Mayor of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mustafa Yurt, Provincial Coordination Board gave information about the work of the institution. Providing information about transportation and infrastructure projects, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Mustafa Yurt, kadar Previous rail system project in the east to Tekkeköy'a, extension to the west to Taflan 10 October 2011 on the date of the parliamentary decision. We will start the construction of the rail system route between the Gar Directorate and Tekkeköy as of next month. Ön
Stating that there is a large population density in Tekkeköy district, Yurt said, “There is a closed gymnasium for 7 people, our Fair and Congress Center is there. Since the Samsun project of 500 thousand people, which is still under construction, and the organized industrial and other industrial sites are also there, we will start the construction of the 33 km long railway between Tekkeköy in the first place to meet the passenger demand here. The road capacity here is first on the north side of the railway, that is, on the sea side, from the Gar Directorate, to sit on the north of the Samsun - Çarşamba railway line from Kılıçdade junction, Samsunspor facilities, Bandırma Beach, Petrol Ofisi Filling Facilities, where Samsun Metropolitan Municipality's old dog farm is located. Tekkeköy will reach the region with 12-person indoor sports center from the zoning line determined there. Here we will make both a preferred road and a vehicle road. We will also make a 7-meter cycle path and a pedestrian path. People who wish can also use their bicycles from Taflan to the industrial area. Here is a typical 'E' section. "The 500-meter wide preferred road, the 4-meter wide vehicle road and the 8-meter wide bicycle and pedestrian road are visible."
Dormitory, indicating that the amount of the project is 50 million TL, is planned to provide transportation service with 12 pieces trolleybus or metrobus in the first place by constructing a preferable road between the Garage Directorate and Tekkeköy intersection in 10 kilometers length and light rail system infrastructure. The current passenger capacity and potential of our rail system is not economical. For this reason, we will work here with metrobuses or electric vehicles that we call trolleybus in the first place. Then the passenger potential and capacity 15 - 20 fizibıl years later this path immediately rails and catenary system will be made by fitting the rail system line. In the coming days, we'il start building this place. 1 within the year before the end of Samsun Samsun Samsun Samsun project is aiming to implement here, "he said.


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