Takes Resolutions to Organize the Domestic Traffic in the City of Eskisehir

📩 25/11/2018 19:14

Ukome in Eskişehir Made Decisions to Regulate Urban Traffic: The Transport Coordination Center, which was formed by the representatives of relevant institutions such as the Governorship, Police Department, Municipalities, Highways, took decisions to regulate the traffic in urban transportation.
In the written statement made by UKOME, it was stated that it is inevitable to make some practices in Eskişehir to alleviate and reorganize the traffic density in the city.
“According to the decisions made in the UKOME meeting on this issue, it has been determined that the decisions taken regarding the unanimous download-times and the roads closed to vehicle traffic on the tram route were not complied with. In addition to the previous decisions taken to regulate urban traffic, it is strictly forbidden to jump over the protection barriers on protected tramways and to walk and drive on these roads and are subject to penalties. In addition, it is forbidden to pause by turning on quad-flasher in places where parking is prohibited in the city, and to stop and park vehicles on the bridges on the Porsuk Stream and on the roads reserved for bicycles. Accordingly, primarily the traffic police and municipal police are responsible for implementing these decisions in their jurisdiction. It has been unanimously decided to take the necessary legal actions in accordance with the traffic, metropolitan municipality, police, duty and authority and misdemeanor laws in case the specified decisions are not followed.
The statement, the citizens of the decisions taken in compliance with the urban traffic will be relaxed and will become regular.

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