Erzurum's Palandöken Logistics Village Construction Will Be Completed in 2014

Palandöken Logistics Village Construction of Erzurum Will Be Completed in 2014: It was reported that the construction of Palandöken Logistics Village, which was built by the State Railways on an area of ​​300 decares in Aziziye district, will be completed and put into service next year. Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ahmet Küçükler, State Railways Station Provincial Director Ahmet Başar and State Railways Operation Manager Yunus Yeşilyurt and the city council members made investigations in the construction of the logistics village. Küçükler, who received technical information about the construction works from the contractor firm Hamit Kuzucu, stated that Erzurum has gained an important investment.
The logistic village construction, which cost 34 million liras and 57 percent of which is completed, is planned to be completed in November next year. Metropolitan Mayor said that the logistic village construction will start in accordance with the protocol signed with DDY 5 years ago, but the construction could be started last year due to some defects. Küçükler pointed out that the logistics village, which will bring an important vitality to Erzurum and the regional economy when it is completed, will increase the brand value of the city. Küçükler pointed out that the logistic village is an important investment, but with the high-speed train coming to Erzurum, the investments on the east-west axis will expand to the Black Sea. The city economy will experience great vitality.
In parallel with this expansion on the east-west route, if the high-speed train travels from Erzurum to the Black Sea, we will become one of the important logistics and transportation centers. ” he spoke. FDI Station Manager Ahmet Basar, many logistics that 12 villages in Turkey and one of them said he also gained Erzurum. Başar said that with the introduction of the logistic village, hundreds of people will be employed and will bring the economy of the region beyond the estimates. Emphasizing that rail freight transportation will also be mobilized, Başar said, “Logistic villages, which are accepted as the base of modern freight transportation, will have integrated transportation with land, air and sea transportation as well as rail.” said.



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