Discount ticket application started in Istanbul

Discount ticket application started in Istanbul: From now on, in Istanbul, apprenticeship schools, open high school students, private schools, public transportation vehicles such as metro, tram, city lines ferries, marine engines, TCDD subway trains, İETT, Otobüs AŞ and Private Public Buses. students and teachers can benefit from the discount course.
In line with the proposal of the CHPs in September, a joint proposal of the Law Commission-Social Services and Public Relations Commission and the new arrangement made in line with the decision made by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council unanimously, all teachers and students of 20 under the age of university students cover.
Apprenticeship education institutions and other laws such as classrooms, Quran courses, and 20 who are not enrolled in the age of 20 and are not registered with the Social Security Institution. The personnel who are working according to the contract on time basis and who are certified by the Ministry of National Education and Social Security, will benefit from the 7-633 thousand people who will allow the trainers and trainers in the scope of 300 to travel at a discount.
During the parliamentary discussion of the report prepared by IMM joint committees, the CHP group wanted to increase the age limit to 25. However, the demand was not accepted due to the completion of economic and technical studies. People who are included in the discounted electronic card purchase class distributed by IETT will be able to get their cards after the approval of the Mayor.

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