Demirtaş: İzmir may be the star of the logistics sector

Demirtaş: İzmir can be the star of the logistics industry: İzmir Chamber of Commerce (İZTO) Chairman Ekrem Demirtaş pointed out that logistics is one of the sectors with high growth potential in the medium-long term, and said that İzmir also needs a logistics center that will reduce shipping costs. Making evaluations about the logistics sector, Demirtaş stated that İzmir will reveal its great potential after making the necessary infrastructure and superstructure investments in the field of transportation: “İzmir location, proximity to European and world markets, suitable investment areas and location of organized industrial zones, universities, It has the potential to become a logistics base with its qualified workforce and other foreign investments in the Aegean. " Noting that İzmir's contribution to the country's exports was around 2012 percent, with $ 21,1 billion according to 14 customs data, “İzmir's role in our country's foreign trade is extremely important with its logistic potential.” said.
Turkey in 2023 the world's top 10 economies and 1,2 trillion dollars worth of foreign trade target in line with the significant distance crosses that mark our Iztok Chairman logistics sector Demirtas, said: "Our current trade volume Aims to reach nearly tripled our Turkish logistics market in 2023 In parallel with the targeted growth in our foreign trade, it is expected to grow at least three times. In line with Turkey's export target of 500 billion dollars, 100 billion dollars of exports, we should focus on the objectives to be done from Izmir. For this, first of all, it is necessary to use the alternative transportation routes such as rail and air transportation in combination with the sea and to eliminate the infrastructure deficiencies.
Turkey's most important exports, one of the container port of Izmir's exports to the Alsancak Port not only in Izmir, Demirtas voicing covers the exports of the Aegean Region, "it even made from Izmir to install even some of the city of Marmara and Mediterranean regions. It is extremely important that Çandarlı Port is activated as soon as possible in order to increase the capacity and efficiency of Alsancak Port, to deepen the port for large container ships and to reduce its load. İzmir's characteristic of being a trade center will be strengthened with the expansion of the port capacity and the development of connection roads. " He spoke in the form.
Ekrem Demirtaş emphasized that İzmir needs a logistic center which will bring the intermodal transportation systems to the city by taking the examples from the world and especially the companies dealing with foreign trade and reduce the logistics costs. Le Taking into consideration the importance of the logistics sector for foreign trade, Having highways, being in an advantageous position in sea transportation, will be able to compete with the world states in the logistics sector in the coming years. Alsancak Harbor will relax with logistic center, bonded areas and services to be established at the intersection of highway, highway and railway. The loads coming from the south and other axles of İzmir will be very beneficial in terms of gathering in a center and entering the city and collecting the cargo that should be collected in the city without any negative impact and sending it to the whole world. Güney

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