Completed and ongoing High Speed ​​Train Projects

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Completed and ongoing High Speed ​​Train Projects: When the Republic was established, 4000 km.demirway was taken from the Ottoman Empire. In the first 20 of the Republic, the facilities of today's construction technology, ie manpower and digging shovel substructures were built in the time when there were no construction machines. 4000 km. The way was more done. That's where our railways were. For exactly 60 years, our State has pushed the railway aside. No new road is made, the old parts of the old worn out parts of the renewed, even repair and maintenance of our state was forced to do.

In this period of pause and regression, our railways came to an out of date. 1-2 on the highways in some areas of the distance taken by train at the time 5-6 hours. 90 this year. I will celebrate the year of the Republic of our railways around 46 in the year I serve, I live in my life outside the railroad ı

I'm ashamed to say it's a railroad.
In 2003 the importance of the railway was noticed. The closure of the gap was initiated. After a short time, construction of High Speed ​​Train started. And the first project was implemented between Ankara and Eskişehir and was completed in 6 as a result of 2009 annual work.

I started to work in the age of steam train, the first high-speed train journey after I retired. Thank God I've seen these days. In today's article, I will tell you about High Speed ​​Train projects, which are in the planning stage and are planned to be completed in 2023 and 2035, together with the completed and ongoing projects.

Ankara - Eskişehir: It is not a separate project but a part and the first stage of the Ankara - İstanbul project. 245 km. long. In 2009 was put into operation. The journey time is 1 hours 35 minutes. It has been an experience for the transition stage of High Speed ​​Train, which is the subject of high technology for our country.

Ankara - Konya:It is separated from Polatlı station located in Ankara - Eskişehir High Speed ​​Train Line. So 90 Km. length of Ankara - Polatlı road. 212 is miles long. It was put into operation in 2011. The journey time is 2 time.

Eskisehir- Pendik (Istanbul): Total 288 km. long. The journey time will be 2 hours. It will be connected with the Marmaray Project. Passengers with high-speed trains go to Üsküdara with commuter trains. There, they will reach to the European side of the Bosphorus with the Marmaray and Sirkeci Gar and continue in Thrace. 2 will be inaugurated after the 29 High Speed ​​Train Line and Marmaray in October.


Ankara - Izmir: The route is: Ankara - Afyon - Uşak - Manisa - İzmir. Ankara - Konya line of 120. km.sında Kocahacılar station will be separated by the line. Total 624 km. long. It is projected to be completed in 2017. It is stated that the journey time will take 3 and a half hours.

Ankara - Sivas: The route is Ankara - Kırıkkale - Yozgat - Yerköy - Sivas. 442 km. long. The project is expected to be completed in 2015.

Bursa: Other 105 km. long. It is planned to be commissioned in 2015. Bilecik station will be provided by Bursa - Ankara - Istanbul - Sivas and later Karsa YHT.

Ankara -Antalya- Alanya From Konya to Aksaray - Cappadocia Kayseri / Erciyes and Divriği tourism line is aimed.

Ankara - Kayseri: Yerköy will be separated from Ankara-Sivas line, and its tender will be completed in 2023 in 2035.

Istanbul - Edirne - Kapikule - Bulgaria border: 2035 targets.

Ankara - Samsun: Ankara - Sivas line will be separated from Kırıkkale. Kirikkale-Samsun between the approximately 450 km. YHT project will be planned in 2023. Opening to service is among the 2035 year targets

Konya - Kütahya: Izmir-Konya high-speed train line will open. In addition, Denizli-Konya high-speed train line with the integration of the Denizli-Konya high-speed train line 2035 targets.

Route to: Ankara - Konya Karaman - Silifke - Mersin. Ankara-Konya OIZs are connected to Taşucu Port from the shortest distance, meeting the Istanbul-Ankara age fruit and vegetable needs, and being the Cyprus-Silifke-Erdemli tourism line.

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