Crazy projects have trouble with the British

Crazy projects caused trouble to the British: This attitude of the British Financial Times, which had previously denigrated the Olympic candidacy and the peace process, reached a sickness. The newspaper said yesterday “3. the airport was in trouble, the nuclear power plant may be postponed, there is little interest in Kanal Istanbul ”.
Britain's Financial Times newspaper faces smear campaign in Turkey has reached the degree of disease from effective. Previously undermining Turkey's steps carried out many successful newspapers, he has added a new one yesterday to this habit. The newspapers wrote that the financial uncertainty threatens major infrastructure projects in Turkey. The newspaper claimed that "3rd airport in Istanbul was in trouble, nuclear could be delayed, interest in Kanal Istanbul was low". FT stated that due to financial uncertainties regarding the new airport, work has begun to expand the capacity of Atatürk Airport.
The newspaper claimed this was the last sign that the country's very large infrastructure projects could be delayed or scaled down. While the newspaper tried to confirm this claim by using only one person's opinion, it also reduced the quality standards in journalism to the lowest level. Meeting with Ayşe Yüksel from Chadbourne & Parke law firm in Istanbul, the newspaper Yüksel's “3rd. The clock is ticking for the airport and the place is still not settled ”.
Yüksel claimed that the consortium formed by the five companies that won the airport tender should spend 1 billion Euros in the first stage of the investment, and that Turkish banks could only give the credit for this with international assistance. "There is no problem in financing," made 3 weeks ago by Nihat Özdemir, the boss of Limak, one of the partners who won the 3rd airport tender. Banks are already in line, ”he passed through his words. Ayşe Yüksel, the only name FT interviewed for the news, said in a statement she made to STAR, "They pulled the sentences in my statement with tweezers."
Sabah Newspaper Writer Dr. Stating that FT started a new smear campaign as usual, Süleyman Yaşar said, “These kinds of projects are the projects that banks want to give credit support most. The return of these works, implemented with the build-operate-transfer model, is guaranteed. These are public infrastructure projects that are risk-free, ”he said. The laid claim to the projects and Turkey, underlining that for attrition Suleyman Yasar, said: "in many foreign publications 2008 crisis, especially FT Turkey is sinking, $ 200 billion not find the will go bankrupt next year 'found in such allegations. The year is 2013, what happened? They are disturbed by Turkey's foreign team to strengthen the clan serving organizations. They are either very ignorant or servants. "
Nihat Özdemir, the boss of Limak, one of the partners who won the 3rd airport tender, said “There is no problem in financing. He said that "banks are already in line" is still valid today. Özdemir stated that the search for financing will start when the project is shaped. Özdemir said in a previous statement, “There is no problem in project financing. We have a very successful financing model that we have previously developed and implemented for electricity distribution tenders. When the 3rd airport project is revealed in full details, we will create a financing model with a similar logic. He said many coming and going for financing.
Speaking to Star newspaper, Ayşe Yüksel from Chadbourne & Parke law firm said that the incident was completely distorted and the FT reporter called her for another issue and pulled the incident to another point. Stating that the sentence "The location of the land is not even known yet" was written incorrectly in the news, Yüksel said, "I have not given the land to the consortium yet, because I said that there are people who have rights in the land". FT itself, 'said the search for alternative forms of financing investment in Turkey Yuksel "Subject Sukuk and bonds for the project, came to the financing of the giant project. But they pulled the sentences in my statement with tweezers, ”he said. Stating that the banks behave more eagerly in the works done with the build-operate-transfer model, Yüksel said, “Banks look favorably because such projects are guaranteed”.
- 23 AUGUST 2013: The Financial Times newspaper wrote that Prime Minister Erdogan's distraction after the Gezi protests endangered the peace process with the Kurds.
- 5 SEPTEMBER 2013: FT, with Danial Dombey signature "Turkey's Olympic candidacy has lost its luster" has published an article titled. Makalade said, "The turbulent summer months overshadowed the" dream "of the Prime Minister to host the Olympics."
-25 JULY 2012: FT bombed the ISE. "ISE is a deceptive place for widows and orphans," he said in a report published in the newspaper.

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