Response to Bursa's New Ropeway Project

A group of demonstrators reacting to the cutting of trees for the cable car planned to be constructed in Bursa Uludağ made a press release Bursa.

The protesters gathered in front of Ahmet Vefik Pasha Theater and marched towards Orhangazi Park. Reading the press statement on behalf of the Touch Platform Uludag Ayhan Kazancı, National Park Laws that should be under protection Uludag argued that each day lost the national park feature.

Kazancı stated that they demanded the establishment of a protection board for the protection of Uludağ and demanded that the administrative court continue its decision to stop the execution.

Kazancı said that the ropeway project should take place in the first case with long poles without cutting the tree.

Dağ The hands of the tree will be broken, Uludağ will be ours, AKP will withdraw from Uludağ acak.


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