Burdur High Speed ​​Train

Burdur should find morale with High Speed ​​Train: It is still not clear when the High Speed ​​Train line, which has become a new hope with the start of its works, will pass through Burdur. While the government chose 2023 or 2035 for the High Speed ​​Train to come to Burdur and Antalya, non-governmental organizations want to be included in the 2014 investment program and complete in 2018.
Burdur is looking forward to the High Speed ​​Train line that will continue to Antalya. Burdur has longed for train travel for years. With the railways that reached our city about 70 years ago, human and freight transportation had started. A while ago, train services were canceled for human transportation on the grounds that there were not enough passengers and they were damaged. In a short time ago, it was announced that passenger trains were removed due to the lack of rail lines, necessary maintenance was carried out on the lines, and that passenger trains will start to travel to our city soon.
If the voyages of passenger trains to our province were removed due to the inability of the lines, then we need to ask;
What was the maintenance on the lines before the train service was lifted?
How can the cargoes be transported with the wagons weighing tons of lines in the lines that prevent the passenger trains from operating?
Burdur is struggling to reach our city and Antalya as soon as possible with the joint effort of the High Speed ​​Train line, which was announced to be built but could not be started to be built.
Chairman of Burdur Chamber of Commerce and Industry Yusuf Keyik, Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Çetin Osman Budak made a request for the launch of the fast train line with the statements they made. But it seems that; High-speed train will be made, the comments are not followed by a refreshing heart.
For the train line that will pass through Burdur and reach Antalya, feasibility studies have been carried out for years, and each time the railway is to Antalya via Isparta? Or will we pass over Burdur? discussions come up. However, in any feasibility study, the opinion that it would be appropriate for the railway to pass through Isparta was not stated. Burdur has to be one body and keep the issue of the High Speed ​​Train reaching our city warm and intensify our demands on this issue.
As political parties, non-governmental organizations and citizens in our city, we should do whatever it takes to design the high-speed train line and to be included in the investment program. Burdur has been emigrating in recent years, commercial activity is decreasing in Burdur, investment and development cannot be achieved to prevent migration. At least, Burdur should find some morale with the High Speed ​​Train line.
Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Çetin Osman Budak, who requested the High Speed ​​Train to come to Antalya until the 'Expo 2016 Fair and started a signature campaign in Burdur and Isparta as in Antalya, He states that the Konya line will be a priority unless the necessary support comes from Burdur and Isparta, and the commercial development of the regions will increase with the arrival of high-speed trains.
Making a statement on the subject last month, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım, says that it is not possible for the lines to come to Antalya to reach Expo 2016, and that one of the high-speed train lines can be completed in 2023 and the other in 2035.
Burdur Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Yusuf Keyik argues that the high-speed train line will contribute significantly to the commercial power of Burdur and that the Eskişehir-Afyon-Burdur-Antalya line should be completed as soon as possible.
According to the information in the press, it is said that one of the high-speed train lines planned to be included in the investment program of 2014, due to the intense efforts of the Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry, may be completed by 2018.
After the survey and feasibility studies, route determination and Environmental Impact Assessment reports were completed, the 2018 thousand 2 km high-speed train line rotation until 496, 423 km of Eskişehir-Afyon-Burdur-Antalya line, which can be entered into the influence of politicians and non-governmental organizations, According to the comments made, the line planned to be completed by 2018 may be the Konya-Alanya-Antalya line.

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