Batumi-Hopa Port Railway Link Improves Competition Opportunity

Batumi-Hope Harbor Railway Connection Improves Competitive Opportunities Panini: Eastern Black Sea Exporters Association Chairman Ahmet Hamdi Gurdogan, Eastern Black Sea 20 kilometers rail laying Asia into the realization of the Batumi-Hopa Port rail link what they see as the project will begin on the railway geography of foreign trade in Turkey too He said he would bring great competition.
In his statement to the correspondent AA, Gürdoğan stated that the Eastern Black Sea Region performed important functions in foreign trade in every period of history, and served as a bridge in both trade ports and border gates and trade between Asia and Europe. Today, Turkey is one of the most important of the three-door and most of the structures passenger entry and exit Sarp border gate of Turkey's Caucasus and its hinterland that protects the importance of exports to the distinction of being the gateway to Central Asia, pointing Gurdogan, "Hele especially long struggle and our Turkey Exporters we inaugurated with great support of our Parliament and our country as soon as possible to ensure transit our reach to Russia via Georgia by road Kazbegi-Verhne Lars land border with the opening of the door for the export of the Eastern black Sea in the coming period is very important developments will take place. ”
Gürdoğan, Simplified Customs Line System, which is called as 'green line', is located at Tuapse Port, which is the sea gate of Russia close to the region as a result of long efforts of DKİB, at Kazbegi-Verhni-Lars land border customs, which is also located at the Sarp Border Gate hinterland. stated that it was established. The offer many conveniences in Turkey's major export markets, customs procedures on exports to the Russian Federation, the process of voicing gain significant competitive advantages such as fulfillment fast and priority Gurdogan, "Simplified Customs Line System, next to the export of our country, but also to the export of our province in the coming period he will contribute greatly. ” - “We cannot benefit from geographical proximity” Gürdoğan pointed out that the problems caused by the lack of logistics infrastructures, which are the most important factor in foreign trade, besides the current negative geographical conditions of the region, prevent the regional exports from reaching the real potential offered by the geographical proximity advantage, continued as follows: East Black Sea exports will increase to higher levels thanks to the opportunities offered by the geographical proximity advantage.
Eastern Black Sea, which is the only region where we have been repeating every time for years and where there is no rail transportation in our country at very low cost, will realize the Batumi-Hopa Port railway connection, which we see as the project that will start the Asian railway geography with 20 kilometers of rail pavement, and will give our country a great competitive opportunity in foreign trade. In addition, the logistical potentials offered by the geography we are in will be provided to the economy. The queues at the border gate cause reproach. ”Gürdoğan is one of the three most important gates in the country and leads the exporters of the tails of Sarp Border Gate, which ranks first in terms of pedestrian traffic, for 2-3 hours. Emphasizing that, as DKİB, in this regard, the expansion of the area where the Sarp Border Gate is located by expropriation, the reconstruction of the gate in accordance with our country image, will reduce the density of the Sarp Border Gate and completely export burden. The Muratlı Border Gate from Borçka district has been opened as a new gate to function in its transports and truck entrances and exits, and efforts are being carried out rapidly by the Ministry of Customs and Trade in this regard. We hope that the Sarp Border Gate will be expanded and the Muratlı Border Gate will be opened within two years. Because this route will enable us to reach the Asian geography where the countries that will steer the world economy in the future, we must already be prepared for this development, and we demand the completion of the necessary infrastructure investments for this new export route, which we call the 'new Silk Road'.

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