Askaynak will be the source of giant projects

Askaynak will be the source of giant projects: Eczacıbaşı's source products company Askaynak aims to provide products for giant projects such as 2020 billion dollar bridge, highway and airport to be built up to 100.
Askaynak market leader in welding products, had aspired to Turkey's largest infrastructure projects. Eczacıbaşı and American Lincoln Electric are equal partners of the 100, whose value is 3 billion dollars. Bridge and 3. It aims to provide welding products for projects such as airports. Photos of Askaynak in Instagram Account 40. Speaking at the celebration of the year, General Manager Ahmet Askuknak, Ataturk Airport, Sabiha Gokcen Airport, Fenerbahce Sukru Saracoglu Stadium, Formula 1 track, Melen Water and all the pipeline projects to meet the need for welding electrode, he said. Sevuk said that the projects worth up to 2020 billion dollars would be implemented until 100, and said: X 3. Airport, 3. There are projects such as bridges and highways, Izmit-Gulf transition. The share of welding products in the steel business is 1 per thousand. In other words, 2020 million dollars will be created every year until 20. Here we are planning to offer products to the companies that won the tenders. Ver Sevük, not yet 3. Bridge and 3. He explained that no construction products procurement tenders were made in airport projects.
Leader in the neighbors
2012 22 year 200 2020 250 73 100 10 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX Askinnak, which exports its products to the country around XNUMX, aims to be a regional power, said Ahmet Sevuk, from Morocco to Kazakhstan that they act with the vision of becoming a supplier of products and services to the metal manufacturing industry. Sevuk stated that they would make purchases in order to reach their targets within this framework. Ler We bought XNUMX shares of SYSRT Robot Technologies company. We made an investment of XNUMX million pounds. We will focus on growth in robotics and automation. Rob
Sevuk stated that their search for new geographies continued, ın We can also buy. We can also establish partnership. Especially in the Balkans and Saudi Arabia, we want to increase our weight. Özellikle
Eczacıbaşı Group CEO Erdal Karamercan, who stated that ASKAYNAK had a share of 4.5 for Eczacıbaşı Group, stated that Askaynak is one of the most growing among the 39 company of Eczacıbaşı. In order to reach the targets of Askaynak, 20-25 will invest millions of dollars and Karamercan announced that they will allocate an additional budget for the acquisitions. Askaynak's new project voicing want to be there Karamercan, highlighting in particular they want to take part in the Besiktas stadium to be built, "According to Turkey's biggest club, the Besiktas stadium in the construction of should take place Turkey's biggest. Besiktas best suits the best, Beşiktaş he said. Karamercan in the assessment on Turkey's economy, said xnumx'n is a soft landing for Turkey.




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