Asian and European lines merged

Asian and European lines merged The electricity will not be cut in the Marmaras: ANEL Group Chairman Rıdvan Çelikel, Board Members Merve Şirin Çelikel and Bülent Batukan, Independent Board Member Cahit Düzel and I have boarded a boat from Bebek.
Rıdvan Çelikel recalled that the Anel Group laid the foundations in 1986 when it was heading towards Üsküdar to enter the Marmaray Tunnel:
- After establishing Anel Elektrik in 1986, our first project was Darlık Dam. After the Kav Factory in 1988, Hürriyet Medya Towers in 1991, TAV won the tender in 1999, we started a job at Istanbul Atatürk Airport.
Bulent Batukan, intervened:
- Except for Tunisia, we are involved in the electrical and mechanical works of TAV's domestic and international projects. We have been working as a solution partner at Ford Gölcük Plant since 2000.
Rıdvan Çelikel emphasized the importance of airport experience:
- Airports serve 7 hours a day, 24 days a week. Therefore, the performance of electrical-mechanical works is more important. For example, we printed a program for TAV that was not in the specification. This program localizes power cuts and prevents them from spreading to the general public.
Merve Şirin Çelikel pointed out that we are approaching Üsküdar:
- Let's go back to Marmaray's electrical and mechanical works.
Rıdvan Çelikel, sat on the sign he received from his daughter:
- Our paths crossed with the Japanese Taisei in the consortium that built Marmaray in Doha. Gama and Nurol already knew about us.
- What is the financial dimension of the job you undertake in Marmaray?
Bülent Batukan replied:
- In the range of 60-70 million dollars.
Rıdvan Çelikel pointed out that the continents of Asia and Europe are united by two bridges and now under the sea.
- We signed such a meeting in electricity. There are high voltage lines passing through the Bosphorus, but the distribution lines of both sides are separate. We combined BEDAŞ, which distributes the electricity of the European side of Istanbul, and AYEDAŞ lines, which distribute the electricity of the Anatolian side, in Marmaray.
- Isn't the electricity taken from one side enough to operate Marmaray?
- The two will back up each other. If there is a power failure in one of them, the other line will be activated immediately.
- What if the electricity of both collars is cut off at the same time?
- There are 38 generators of 24 mva. Generators will be activated immediately.
- Will there be any power cuts in Marmaray, especially inside the tunnel?
- If the preventive maintenance work is carried out regularly, then there will be no power outages.
- Who will do the preventive maintenance?
- Our work continues until May 2014. Until then, I think a decision will be made on this matter.
Bülent Batukan gave an example from TAV:
- We carried out preventive maintenance at Atatürk Airport for a long time. Later, TAV established its own company.
We took a tour at the Marmaray Tunnel with Unimog which was modified to take the track. Anel Elektrik Project Manager Enver Kır, pointed out:
- We are in the sea right now.
At the deepest point, I thought at the minus 65 meter:
- What if the power goes out while the train is at this point?
I was relieved by Rıdvan Çelikel's words:
- The electricity will never be cut off in Marmaray.
Prysmian produces heat-resistant cables
I watched the presentation from Faruk Aslı, Electromechanical Project Manager at ANEL Electric's Üsküdar construction site:
- All of the cables used are heat resistant, that is, the so called "fireproof".
- Where did these cables come from?
-'ve described cables, Prysmian Turkey was produced at its factory in Mudanya.
Returned to presentation:
- We have covered all cables in "armor" against impacts.
He emphasized that a separate signal cable was installed in such projects in order to detect the first possible fire:
- We chose this cable fiberoptic. The temperature change of 1-2 degrees inside the tunnel will be noticed immediately. Measures will be taken at an early stage.
Rıdvan Çelikel pointed out ventilation fans:
- There are 950 ventilation fans in the tunnel with powers up to 664 kva.
I also learned the following details from the presentation:
- 120 kilometers of medium voltage cable was used in Marmaray. The total length of heat-resistant cables reached 260 kilometers. 4 thousand lighting fixtures were installed, 12 thousand of which were inside the tunnel.
Çelikel pointed to electrical panels:
- There were 400 alloyed voltage panels of our own production in Marmaray.
Faruk Aslı added the following important point from the presentation:
- The indoor environment in Marmaray will be monitored with 4 detectors.
612, foreign income 106 million dollars of walking jobs
Bülent Batukan, Member of the Board of Directors of ANEL Group, shared some of the data of Anel Elektrik:
- As of 2013, we have 516 million dollar walking business, including 96 million dollar international and 612 million dollar domestic. By the end of the year, we expect 200 to receive a million dollar additional business.
-2012 57.2 from abroad, 106.2 million dollars from abroad have earned revenue. Turkey's exports in the first xnumx'y we enter our external revenue.
- Our 2012 turn was 163.5 million. This year, we left the first 6 month with 96 million dollars. Our revenue grew by 6 on the first 21 month.
- In 2012, Anel Elektrik's share in 26.6 billion dollar overseas contracting services was around 0.4.

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