Third Airport approval

The approval of the ground at which the third airport will be built: The geological, geotechnical and geophysical surveys of the 7 thousand 757 hectares, which will be the largest airport in the world, will be completed.
The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization reviewed and approved in three stages and included all parameters related to the land. In the report, uncontrolled fillings with thickness 60 meters were detected in most of the study area. The physical and mechanical properties of the ground were determined by laboratory experiments on the samples taken from the three-dimensional images.
The geological hazards and measures proposed in the approved report will guide the future design and prevention projects. The Ministry has worked in three stages. Accordingly, 1 / 5000 scale geological map of the study area was prepared. 10 bin 80 meters were drilled at 74 location between the depths 2-750 meter. 150 pieces of microtremor (artificial vibration), 280 pieces of multi-electrode resistivity measurement, 14 kilometer seismic reflection and 10 kilometer natural flight measurements were taken. Physical and mechanical properties of the ground were determined by laboratory experiments on the samples. Engineering parameters were introduced with laboratory data. Geological maps, slope maps, geological cross-sections and settlement conformity maps were prepared and reports were prepared.
570 hectare lake of the field
According to the drillings, groundwater was found in 6-58 meters. It was observed that 66 ponds were formed in various sizes formed by groundwater, leachate, accumulation of surface water and seawater. As a result of geotechnical and geophysical evaluation, the study area was evaluated in three categories in terms of suitability for settlement.

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