Ankarakart Period 1 in Ankara Starts in January

Ankarakart Period in Ankara 1 Starts in January: Distribution of discounted Ankarakarts to be used by students and teachers in Başkent
The Red Crossed Ankarakarts, which will be used by the students and teachers in the capital, will be distributed in Kızılay Metro Station. Until the 31 December, students can have a fee without paying the band fee. After the Feast of Sacrifice, the application will start on Beşevler and Dikimevi Metro Stations. Students can have smart cards that can be owned by the teachers by paying the fee of the band. Students and teachers who use discounted tickets will be able to apply with a written document indicating that they are student documents or teachers at Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Building and Metro Distribution Center. Discounted cards will replace passport until January 1, and then be used as a ticket with magnetic readers by filling.
1 will begin use in January
EGO General Manager Necmettin Tahiroğlu, who made a written statement about the new application, stated that 1 will start the use of Ankarakart in Metro and Ankaray with all EGO buses as of January. 31 2013 5 2 date, indicating that students will be charged only 31 TL Tahiroğlu, ac Students in the next XNUMX months to get discount cards, please hurry up. If XNUMX remains after December, they will have to pay the band fee. Teachers will pay the fee for the band fee over the last year's price. Öğretmen
Three colored cards
1 Tahiroğlu noted that three types of cards will be in use from January and said: ağ Students and other discounted ones will use a red card. Blue will be full, orange for free uses. With the new year, all EGO buses will be used in Metro and Ankaray, and then will be used in private public transportation vehicles.

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