Altepe Bursan's new ropeway project with output

Altepe Bursa in new cable car project with output: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality's cable car project, the felling of trees by the court while stopping for reasons such as, Army Municipality cable car project Healthy City Planning by the Association of Turkey Healthy Cities with the jury's vote, which consists of academicians took first prize in the category of.

Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Recep Altepe said that the cable car was the most environmentally friendly project. We will get rid of the exhaust odor, noise and environmental pollution of thousands of vehicles. The trees are already cut for fire paths, security and infrequency. We planted 10 thousand large trees in the Hüdavendigar City Park. Biz

Turkey Healthy Cities Association held in Turkey in the xnumx'unc Year Conference held in Izmir 'Healthy Cities' Best Practice Project' has announced the results of the competition. Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences Prof.Dr. Prof. Dr. Ruşen Keleş, Head of City and Regional Planning Department, Faculty of Architecture, ITU Prof.Dr. Handan Türkoğlu, Uludağ University Faculty of Engineering and Architecture Head of Architecture Department Prof.Dr. Nilüfer Akıncıtürk, Uludağ University, Department of Environmental Engineering, Prof.Dr. Feza Karaer, Uludag University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Public Health Yar.Doç.Dr. Alpaslan Türkkan and Uludağ University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Department of Public Administration. The jury, consisting of Hasan Ertürk, won the first place in the Healthy Urban Planning Category with the Cable Car Lower and Upper Work, Landscaping Project and Ordu Municipality.

Ordu Municipality's ropeway project was chosen as the'n most healthy city planning application t by the jury composed of academicians who are experts in their field, while the stopping of the ropeway project of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality by court order revealed the contradiction.

In order to open the 12 month of Uludağ to tourism, the cable car project, which was built by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, was stopped by the decision of me stopping execution en given by Bursa 2's Administrative Court on the grounds that some trees were cut illegally. Similar project life passing by Turkey Healthy Cities Association by valedictorian awarded the Army Council's prize Deputy Mayor Ergun Alaybeyoğlu, Turkey took the Healthy Cities Association and Bursa Mayor Recep Altepe'nin hand. While the project was stopped by the court, President Altepe, who rewarded Ordu Municipality for the similar project, reminded that all the projects were evaluated by a jury, and congratulated Ordu Municipality for the project.

Responding to the questions of the UAV correspondent, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe stated that the ropeway was a project that had beautified the cities. It's snowing today in Switzerland. 4 goes up to a thousand meters by cable car. While there are ropeways in the brand cities of the world, our project is blocked in Bursa. Our goal is to go from one hill to another. There is no environmentally friendly transportation. It saves thousands of vehicles from exhaust fumes. The noise is saving from dirt. It's a natural thing. The mountains are shaved for everything. He's shaving for fire. Half of such activities will not cut trees. But it's a fuss. This leads to a prolongation of the process. We are not making our way to our own land. Kendi

Altepe said,. When the Teleferic Project is finished, it will add a different atmosphere to the city, and Ordu has also been awarded with the cable car line. These are being hampered. They even try to cancel the current line. They even tried to stop him. We're the best environmentalists. 4,5 million pounds of trees are planted in Hüdavendigar City Park. We are planting a thousand big trees in this park 10. In Uludağ, the forest must be sparse. Installation and safety routes need to be done. The process is prolonged when they are brought up by some circles. If the cable car had been built, thousands of vehicles would not go to Uludağ. There would be no exhaust fumes, noise and environmental pollution. 35 4,5 kilometers to go out of the car instead of a kilometer ride. But they are not seen, Ama he said.

Bursa's leading mountaineering clubs want the cable car line to be finished with a minimum tree cut. In difficult winter conditions Uludağ'a stating stating that Osmangazi Mountaineering Search and Rescue Sports Club President Hamdi Guzellik, due to the vehicles remaining on the road sometimes had to wait for hours, thanks to the new ropeway 22 said they would reach the region in minutes.

On the other hand, the 18 mast of the new ropeway between Teferrüç Sarıalan was mounted on the 3 day by helicopter for an environmentalist approach. This work was done in order not to cut the tree. The 4,5 kilometer line between Teferrüç Sarıalan and 29 is planned to be opened in October, while the area in question is 4.

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