All Information About Marmaray Tube Passage Opening

Marmaray Stops Map
Marmaray Stops Map

Marmaray tube crossing project was opened. At the opening of Marmaray, the Prime Minister of Japan opened his hand and prayed like a Muslim. Everything about the opening of Marmaray; Our Marmaray dream has come true. After 154 years, the two sides of the strait came together. The opening ceremony was magnificent. The ceremony was marked by the Prime Minister of Japan Abe. While the President of Religious Affairs was praying, Abe opened his hands and accompanied everyone, enchanting everyone with the respect he showed.

Sultan Abdulhamid's 1860'de proposed and the construction of the 2004 began in the year, 1.5 century-old imagination, hours 15.00'da became a real Üsküdar'da. The daily passenger carrying capacity of Marmaray, which cost 8 billion liras, is expected to be 1 million. Thanks to Marmaray, both sides of the Bosphorus can now be reached in 4 minutes.

There was an image worthy of the project of the century at the opening ceremony of Marmaray. Government ministers summit as a full team in place when opening 6 from 9 countries in the field was to be a witness to Turkey's pride.
Presidents of both countries were also guests at Marmaray, which was opened by President Abdullah Gül and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The prime ministers of Japan and Romania received a lot of applause for their speeches at the ceremony.


All news channels broadcast the opening of Marmaray live. In CNN Türk's live broadcast, the announcer described the opening ceremony as 'perfect'.
For the opening ceremony, in the area created across Üsküdar Pier, a large tent for the members of the protocol to sit and a platform for the speeches was set up right next to it. A train model was located on the platform.

At the opening of Marmaray, President of Religious Affairs Mehmet Görmez prayed. He accompanied that prayer to all leaders.

The interesting point was that Japanese Prime Minister Abe also opened his hands and joined the prayer like a Muslim. Here is the image that marked the opening moment;

Then all the leaders cut the opening ribbon together. Afterwards, the confetti rain started with Üsküdar song.

All leaders traveled with Marmaray, which made its first voyage to Kazlıçeşme. Abdullah Gül took part in the driver's seat.


In his speech at the opening ceremony of Marmaray, Prime Minister Erdogan said, “Whether he likes us or not, they vote for us or not. Each brother should be proud of this great investment. ” said.
When Erdogan walked to the podium to make his opening speech, look at the fund in which the song was playing.


The guest prime ministers who marked the opening ceremony were praised words about Erdogan. In particular, Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponma said “I must express how much I admire Recep Tayyip Erdogan” and expressed his admiration with the following words;
- “Great projects are carried out by great leaders. You are very lucky to have a leader like Erdogan. Probably all European prime ministers would want to lead such a magnificent project. Thanks to you, two continents are coming together. "


Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who completed the tube parade of the project, was also present at the opening ceremony of Marmaray. At the ceremony, Abe explained one of Erdogan's move, which was very impressed, and said, 'I am heartily impressed. Abe described that memory as follows;

“We were in the Olympic competition in our meeting with Mr. Prime Minister Erdogan. Then we were saying that whoever wins will not be a loser. When the Tokyo decision was made in the Erdogan Olympic elections, Prime Minister Erdogan came to me before anyone else and hugged me. Prime Minister Erdogan was very impressed by the sincere friendship you showed at that moment. "

We present the 90th anniversary of the Republic, the project of the century, Marmaray. Just as Üsküdar waited a century for the dream of conquest, Marmaray waited 153 years for his dream. Praise be to Allah, your leadership has turned from a dream to a reality. We are rewriting the known history of Istanbul with the Marmaray project.

A dark with two together sohbetThe Somali prime minister, who was in the middle, was reflected in the lens in a very interesting way.

With the opening of the first part of Marmaray, Üsküdar-Sirkeci will take 4 minutes, Ayrılıkçeşme - Kazlıçeşme 18 minutes. The length of the route is 13.6 kilometers.

44.4 on the Asian side and the existing suburban system on the European side of 19.2 will be renewed and integrated into this system. So when it is completed Halkalı and Gebze will form an uninterrupted route.

The total length of the line is 76.3 mileage.

The construction of the project started in 2004. The project was planned to be completed in 2009.
The stations to be opened are: Ayrılıkçeşme, Üsküdar, Sirkeci, Yenikapı and Kazlıçeşme. All of these stations are underground. Hat Kazlıçeşme and Ayrılıkçeşme come to the earth.

TGN joint venture had won the tender for the Bosphorus Tube Crossing. The leader of the TGN consortium was the Japanese Taisei Corporation. The other two companies in the consortium are Gama Industrial Plants Manufacturing and Installation Co. and Nurol Construction and Trade Inc. was.

According to the Ministry of Transport data, 2 and 10 will travel between 75.000 minutes.

The investment for Marmaray is 5.5 billion TL.
The longest submarine tunnel in the world, built in 1988, is the Seikan tunnel, which is the 54 kilometer, which connects Japan's largest island Honshu and another island of Hokkaido.
The length of the submarine tunnel connecting the UK and France is the 51 kilometer.

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