Completion of the project's subway project 15 in October

The metro application project 15 is completed in October: Adana Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Zihni Aldırmaz said that the metro application project 15 will be completed in October.
The first session of the Metropolitan Municipality Council in October took place under the presidency of Aldırmaz. CHP Council Member Mehmet Esendemir, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's Adana Metro Station expressed at the meeting in the 'Metro Application Project, answering the question about the Aldırmaz,' 'Prime Minister' Application project still could not be done by the Metropolitan Municipality 'he said. Then I went to the prime minister at dinner (at the fairground). I will take over the first stage of the Metron. Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications will do the second stage 'you said. The first phase did not take over the ministry, we finished. We have submitted to the Ministry the 'Take the second stage' proposal. In them, 'Application project, do it.' said. A long process has passed with the Ministry as a route. After all, we reached an agreement on the project. In the 15 of this month, the metro application project and tender file are finished. 'If you have any support, it can be quickly awarded.' I said. The Prime Minister 'okay, I will follow' he said. This was the process. Süreç

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