Minister of Transport: Istanbul's most important problem is not the environment, transportation

Minister of Transport: Istanbul's most important problem is not the environment, transportation: Binali Yildirim, 3. said that there was no change in the bridge, the decision was made and shared with the public
Minister of Transport, Communications and Maritime, Binali Yıldırım, regarding the 3rd Bridge, said: “If we focus everything on the environment, development will be a different spring. "The most important problem of Istanbul is not the environment, but transportation."
Upon a question regarding the Marmaray Project, Yıldırım stated that the opening will take place on October 29, and that they do not foresee any delay or hitch in this regard.
Ticket price announced at Marmaray
Stating that there are minor refinements regarding the project and there is no problem, Yıldırım stated that Marmaray will be opened on 29 October. Yıldırım also stated that the ticket prices in Marmaray will be the same as the ticket prices applied in the metro and rail systems in Istanbul. Stating that UKOME will take the decision these days, Yıldırım said, “I think it will be around 1,95. Let me also say that TCDD will operate this line, but we will integrate it together with Istanbul Transportation. With the decision of UKOME, Istanbulites can use both Marmaray, subways and buses with a single ticket ”.
'Studies in Kanal Istanbul are coming to an end'
Answering questions about the Kanal Istanbul Project, known as the "Crazy Project" in the public, Yıldırım said that this was a huge work. Stating that the works are coming to an end, Yıldırım said:
“Studies were done in 2 stages. One is about the channel's own production. We mainly carry out this, but the second study, the living spaces that will be formed around the canal, and the studies of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization are also involved. They are also about to be completed or are completed. After presenting all this latest situation to our Prime Minister and making an evaluation, we will now be in the process of construction. "
'Third Bridge walks the planned way
On the question of whether the name of the third bridge will change or not, Yıldırım said that there was no change in this matter, that the decision was made and shared with the public. Stating that the bridge construction is continuing at full speed, the height of the bridge piers has reached 50-60 meters, Yıldırım said, “These feet will be shaped by the end of the year. It continues as we program it. There is no hitch. We are not behind schedule either. Our goal is to complete the third bridge and roads in 2015. If we can finish it will be a world record, ”he said.
'If we focus everything on the environment, development remains in the spring'
Evaluating the environmental debates about the third bridge, Yıldırım said that the environmentalists were mostly convinced and there were some misunderstandings on this issue. Expressing that it is understandable that such big projects are discussed a lot and environmental sensitivity comes to the fore, Yıldırım said that they chose the route where the environment and water basins would be affected the least negatively. “The reports that a very large tree was cut down are completely unrealistic. "If we focus everything on the environment, this time the country's need and the development of the country will be another spring."
Stating that the most important problem of Istanbul is traffic, Yıldırım said, “If we say that Istanbul's most important problem is transportation, traffic comes to mind of every Istanbulite. The environment is not immediately pronounced. We shouldn't get away from the center of the business. Moreover, the environmental issue can also be carried out with projects. Without environmental impact assessments, nobody is going to finance anyway. While getting an EIA report for even the smallest project, it is not possible to do business without this in such a big project because the financiers are very meticulous about it. "
EIA Report Discussions
Minister Yıldırım stated that the allegations that the EIA report was not received in the third airport tender are also untrue. Stating that they received the EIA report before the tender for the third airport, Yıldırım said, “There is no such thing as an exemption from EIA. Exemption from EIA. Istanbul Izmir highway. There was no EIA law at that time, as they have also been in investment since the 90's. He is exempted, but despite him, they also partially received EIA ”.
The third airport about the completion of the project on the subject to them that the presentation will be expressed Yıldırım, said:
“They will start work after we get this from us. All kinds of procedures related to the conclusion of this interim contract have been completed. There is only one remaining operation and it is starting a company. Bids were previously submitted, a consortium was created. Contract negotiations were made with them and reconciled, but they have a one-month period. They will bring a final and new company to us. We are waiting for that company and after that, delivery and works will start. There are expropriation and available stoves. There are objections to those quarries (we have rights because we ended our activity here). If those objections are not turned into a legal process, we can start working in a few months.

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