Dream project entrusted to the guards of Adapazari-Karasu Railway line

Dream project Adapazarı-Karasu Railway line entrusted to watchmen: No work has been done in the Adapazarı-Karasu Railway line for 1 years. Ministry of Transport, the increase in the project as a reason for the increase in cost,
The AK Party deputy in Sakarya shows the slime fields.
BATI 'Adapazari-Karasu Port-Eregli-Bartin Connection Line Railway' Project, which is called 'Dream Project' that will connect the Black Sea to Marmara and Central Anatolia regions, has stopped literally years before 1. The company that took the tender from Adapazari to Söğütlü, as well as construction sites, ghost towns at many points for the railway. While dozens of work machines are waiting for the day, the prefabricated houses prepared for the workers to stay in the residence only to ensure the safety of construction sites.
The operation of the 320-kilometer Adapazarı-Karasu railway line, which was contracted in 2010 for 7 million pounds and planned to be completed in 55 annually, had to be stopped due to 'unforeseeable' reasons. Although Seza Construction Company has completed the project's 35, the 1 cannot continue to work for years. There are traces of working in many points on the line. Even the bridge stands on the line where the railroad passes.
The project should be completed this year, but the work was stopped due to the increase in the cost of expressing the AK Party Sakarya deputy Hasan Ali Steel, alar The project company encountered unforeseen problems in the ground. Slime floor was encountered in some areas. They're getting pretty hard. Other methods had to be used for the places where stone filling should be done. Work continued for a while. However, this increased the costs considerably. The authorities are doing what is necessary in the next process. By the end of the year, a tender will be held for the remaining business and superstructure investments. After the end of the examinations to be made after the tender, the works can only be resumed in 2014. İhale
No new tender will be made
Authorities of Ministry of Transport General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments did not accept the claims. After some changes in the project, the cost of the increase in the authorities who informed the authorities, ğı Due to the increase in cost of the Ministry of Transport asked for review. So there was a slowdown in the project. The project has not stopped literally. Small-scale work continues. He will resume work once the reviews have been concluded. There is no re-auction. The company that will take the tender will continue the construction of the project.
The stoppage of the project was brought up by the news site called Medyabar in Sakarya and it was stated that the tender was expected to be repeated.
Trade in the region will increase with the project
AK Party deputy Hasan Ali Steel railway line to be made with the Karasu Port will be connected to the internal points will be provided. Underlining that the railway costs will be reduced by the railroad line extending to Bartın, Çelik said,, In the region, transportation of raw material to domestic sectors and industrial environments will be easier. The interior of the goods produced in the interior will be relieved of access to the harbor, de he said.
1 million iron trade
One of the companies awaiting the completion of the project, which is about to complete the investment in Karasu Gazi Metal company, stating that Hasan Ali Steel, this company, the project with a total of 1 million tons of processed iron will trade in the information given. Steel, is not a nuisance about the price of the expropriation, said about an agreement with the 2500 people.

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