Project for Increasing the Efficiency of Metrobus and Public Transport from TÜBİTAK with IETT

IETT, TÜBİTAK'dan Increasing the Efficiency of Metrobus and Public Transport Project: To increase the efficiency of metrobus and public transportation protocol signed between IETT and TÜBİTAK. TUBITAK Chairman of the Protocol attended the signing ceremony. Dr. Yücel Altunbaşak stated that İstanbul is a megacenter and said, meg Like all metropolitan and megacities, there is a traffic problem in Istanbul. We want to look at this traffic problem from a scientific point of view, and we want to reduce the traffic problem and to contribute to the quality of life of the people of Istanbul. For this purpose, we are launching a project between IETT and TÜBİTAK. Bu
Altunbasak noted that the project in question has two phases, said:
Ası In the first stage, increasing the capacity of BRT; we will try to increase the human capacity that the metrobus can carry in one hour by taking the parameters such as the speed of the metrobuses, the stops, the distance between the stops, the number of people waiting at the stops. In the second phase, we will try to realize a flexible public transport model for Istanbul. Istanbul is a very dynamic city, it is changing rapidly because it is much better than other cities. Passenger needs change from year to year. That's why we need a more dynamic, flexible transportation model. In the second phase of the project, we will try to look at them. Pro
Professor Yucel Altunbasak, a two-year study will be carried out for the project, the study will be carried out by TÜBİTAK'dan and IETT'dan 5'er said.
İETT General Manager Hayri Baraçlı stated that their work is not only related to metrobus but also all public transportation.
M Both public-station optimization and public-station improvements, however, work on optimizing them according to number of passengers. In order to make this quality and comfortable work sustainable, we have completed the 2013 new year in 705. In addition to these, we will take the data as a whole in terms of waiting times and travel times at the stops, we will process them and transform them into information and accordingly we will strive to continuously improve the system. We are aiming for a flexible public transportation model in our study with TUBITAK. Among these, the most important element is the planning of public transportation according to business hours. Bunlar
Answering questions from the press, Baraçlı replied to the question whether the 2 related to the metrobuses would make any arrangements before the year:
Var We always have active work on this line. We're making arrangements for that. It is both about stops and transportation system. But of course, the work we will do with TUBITAK will add a different dimension to us. It will be an academic study to see what we cannot see. Of course we do not expect 2 years to result in no time. The first one will be a trial run on the 6 month. As a result of the trial we will make this project applicable. But we should not forget that; We already have a specific team, we are working on all lines with our engineer friend 30. That is why we have studies on the capacity increase of vehicles related to vehicles. O
Baraçlı said, uz Is there any question about your transition to the Undersecretariat for Defense Industry?? And said, söz We work in IETT and we are very happy with that. Bar
As for the occupation of bus stops, Baraçlı said:
Uz We are constantly making warnings about stops and parking. But we will start our work on electronic control system (EDS) at the main stops. We will also be able to implement false parking and false berths at these stops. In the coming period, we teach them how to approach the stops with the trainings we provide to our driver friends. However, this does not reach the desired destination as a result of incorrect parking. But now we're going to get into this implementation with these EDSs at certain main stops, so maybe we'll have a little more editing. Ama
? Will you make new buses with the TÜBİTAK line on the new metrobus line? Or will the new stops occur? Lar, Baraçlı said, ites If necessary, we will apply what results in the works to increase the capacity of the line. But in the first place can be a result of a study about the tools. Its at work in the first place already in the first 6 per month according to the results of it will do our applications. Onun
Baracli, ına Will you turn the Metrobus line into the trolleybus line in the future? You said a word about it at Yildiz Technical University? “He said, m We have a study about whether it is electrical or not. It is an R & D project in our own phase. There is nothing more clear yet, Daha he said.

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