Domestic Signalization in Rail Systems from ITU

Local Signaling in Rail Systems from ITU: The local signaling system, developed for the rail system in Istanbul Technical University (İtü) Industrial Automation Laboratory and installed on the Aydın-Denizli line after Adapazarı Mithatpaşa station, will be expanded in other lines.
ITU Foundation, according to a statement from the Corporate Communication Center, stated that the first native signaling projects in Turkey, ITU Faculty of Electrical and Electronics TUBITAK-BİLGEM in Industrial Automation and Laboratory was completed in collaboration with the Turkish State Railways.
The domestic signaling system, which was first installed at Adapazarı Mithatpaşa station and applied to Aydın-Denizli line after 15 months of trial, will be expanded in other lines within the framework of Tcdd's calendar.
Within the scope of the project, all tests of the system installed at the site in Mithatpaşa station were carried out. Approximately 1,5 years since the smooth running of the system, a line between Aydin-Denizli application works are carried out by the team of BİLGEM.
The project executive, whose opinions are included in the statement, is İTÜ Faculty Member. Dr. M. Turan Söylemez stated that TCDD currently has over 10 thousand kilometers of railway networks, and that about 85 percent of this is not signaling.
Remaining, Söylemez stated that there is signalization in the lines from Istanbul to Ankara, from Ankara to Konya, but noted that all of his systems were installed by foreign companies, and that managing the signaling systems installed by different companies was also a problem.
10 annual earnings 1 billion liras
Söylemez stated that the different types of systems are different due to the fact that the tenders are taken by different companies and that it is very difficult to train suitable staff and to shift a member working in a certain region to a different region.
the establishment of a signaling system to be used on each side of Turkey, emphasizing that it is important in this respect Söylemez earnings in a very comfortable way in this system, thanks to 10 years that it is possible to be around 1 billion pounds, or even that it might be even a few times, he said.

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