Incredible accident on the tram way

An incredible accident on the way to the tram: Trolley road in the Çemberlitaş area, the taxi maneuver entering the rails to make a rolling somersault.
The commercial taxi, which entered the tramway in Fatih in Istanbul, crashed into the tram and rolled over. While there were no injuries in the accident, the taxi became unusable. The accident, which happened near the Çemberlitaş stop on the tramway, occurred at around 08.00:34. The driver of the 85 TFV XNUMX-plate commercial taxi, which entered the tramway, wanted to turn towards Aksaray by maneuvering. Meanwhile, a commercial taxi collided with the tram coming from the direction of Sultanahmet. The taxi, which got out of control due to the impact, hit the tree on the pavement and turned over. While the taxi driver was not injured in the accident, the vehicle became unusable. The tram service, which was disrupted for a while due to the accident, returned to normal after the taxi was removed from the road with a tow truck. The police launched an investigation into the accident.



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