3. airport to meet the world's cargo

  1. the airport will bring together the world's cargo: 3. the airport will be not only in the passenger but also in the world in cargo. Air, sea and railway cargo is also 3. gather at the airport.
    When the construction is completed, Istanbul's 3 will take its place among the world's largest airports. the airport will also be the first in the world in freight transportation. Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications 3. Expanding the scope of the Airport Project, he added 'kargokent' project. Accordingly 3. The airport will be the largest airport in the world in passenger transportation as well as in freight transportation.
    200 will carry cargo to the country
    2016 is planned to be in service from 3. airport will be an important transit point in air cargo transportation. The new airport will provide access to the world's more than 200 point, and thus also transported by air transport base for the large part of the cargo carried on passenger aircraft from Turkey could be considered. On the other hand, due to the proximity of the airport to the sea air or air to sea transportation can be done. This will alleviate the intensity of the Bosphorus and accelerate cargo transportation. According to the system planned by the Ministry, the port will be constructed next to the airport for Ro-Ro ships carrying large cargoes such as containers, trains and trailers.
    Within the scope of another project of the Ministry, trains can also enter the airport. In particular, the 2016 thousand 3 kilometer Silk Road train line, which is expected to be completed in 723, will be transferred to the new airport. Thus, the cargo from China will be transferred to the plane from the train and transported to the world's 200 point.

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