YOLDER TCDD 5. Visited Regional Directorate

YOLDER visited TCDD 5th Regional Directorate: Özden Polat, Chairman of the Board of Railway Construction and Operation Personnel Solidarity and Assistance Association (YOLDER), visited TCDD 5th Regional Directorate in Malatya.

Özden Polat, during the visit 5. He shared with Ülker the problems that are experienced by the personnel working in the region and in general.

TCDD 5. District Manager Üzeyir Ülker visited Polat, as well as YOLDER Board Members Mahmut Civan and Mehmet Sari and Ferit Akalın.

Üzeyir Ülker, Regional Director of TCDD, expressed his appreciation for the progress of the delegation led by Özden Polat, Chairman of the Board of Directors of YOLDER. Ülker said that they watched YOLDER's works and its publication, Newspaper YOLDERİZ, and said iz Efficiency, health, peace and happiness of the Railroad personnel working day and night, selflessly and cansiperane is our common priority in. Üzeyir Ülker, TCDD 5. Gave information about the work of the Regional Directorate.

A delegation of YOLDER managers, TCDD 5. Deputy Regional Director Mustafa Çalık and Mahmut Yetkin also visited for a while. YOLDER delegation also met with Yasar Diclelioglu and Mahmut Civan. YOLDER Chairman of the Board of Directors Özden Polat conveyed the complaints and requests of the road personnel during the visit of the Road Service Directorate.

Polat and his retinue, Diyarbakir 51 Road Maintenance Repair Manager Ramazan Yurtseven and Malatya 53 Road Maintenance Repair Manager met with Oktay Yetkin. TCDD 5. Deputy Regional Director Mahmut Yetkin, Ozden Polat, Mahmut Civan and Mehmet Sari then went to Batman, where the road renovation work was carried out together with Diyarbakir 51 Road Maintenance Repair Manager Ramazan Yurtseven. The delegation met the expedition chiefs Erdal Uysal, Murat Güner and the road personnel and followed the renovation works carried out in the tunnel around the Batman - Kurtalan railway.

The delegation, which came together with the road maintenance personnel at lunch, drank fatigue tea with the road workers after the daily exposure work was completed, sohbet did. Evaluating the visit to the 5th Regional Directorate of TCDD, YOLDER Board Chairman Özden Polat said, “We were greeted very warmly by our Regional Manager Mr. Üzeyir Ülker. “We had sincere and very useful meetings”. Polat said, “5. “We would like to thank our Deputy Regional Manager Mahmut Yetkin, who supported us and supported the passengers who worked with us in road renewal under difficult conditions during our visit to the region”.

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