Who will solve the problems of railway workers

Who Will Solve the Problems of Railway Workers: After Mustafa Kumlu's resignation, we talked with the Turkish-İş Financial Secretary and Demir Yol-İş Chairman Ergün Atalay who were elected as the Chairman of Türk-İş. Atalay is not different from Kumlu'dan workers said that there is nothing changing for Türk-İş.

Ergün Atalay has not solved the problems of the railway worker and the railway worker Mustafa stated that he does not express these problems every day in the railway. But we will see it over time. Confederation Chairman will see the problems of the worker will voice? I said.
Another worker, Davut said, an I have known Ergün Bey from the past that he is someone who is positive about trade unionism. He said the problems would be solved in time. I hope that the employee's efforts to solve problems over time, Tem he said.

The worker named Nihat said Ergun Atalay was more useful to the government and said: ı The closeness of Atalay to the government is actually more than Kumlu but so far. I believe that Atalay will actually be the better puppet of the Government. Take a look at the other and see what happens. That is why we will see that Kumlu's resignation has not changed. Bu

Tarık time workers are not known what to show the time, stating, "I hope our president voices our problems," he wishes.

Source : evrensel.net

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