Warning of Presidents Logistics Center

Presidents' logistics center warning: TRABZON planned to be established in the region of Çamburnu Surmene Çankaya area 2 year-long discussion, but still not concluded that the mayors in the region seriously disturbed. Çamburnu Mayor Hüseyin Alioğlu said, Ç We get the sensations that the logistics center is blocked by someone. We need to do something now. This investment can not be kept idle here. People have hoped here. It is a pity, it is a sin. Yaz
SÜRMENE Mayor Fikri Usta stated that the shipyard, which is expected to serve as a logistics center, is a great blessing and said, büyük You can't make 150 million liras for today's money. This work alone is not a matter of Surmene. The whole region will benefit. Now, this work is finished, Artık he said.

In the town of Çamburnu in TRABZON, the mayor of Sürmene, Fikri Usta and Çamburnu Mayor Hüseyin Alioğlu, who published a declaration of 1 years ago for the conversion of the filled area to the logistic center for the construction of the shipyard, once again warned and called upon the lack of any concrete progress in the process. Alioğlu said, Ali We are hearing that the logistics center is being blocked by someone. That's why we're sad. The 'logistics center took this place, took this place. He goes elsewhere. ' This issue is discussed in Trabzon, but we have to act together to act. We are in favor of evaluating this idle investment in some way. In this way, this investment can not be held here. Our state has spent so much money. People have hoped here. But there is no improvement. A pity is a sin eler. . Our attempts to become a logistics center continue. If you want to make this place with the money made today, you will spend 150 million TL. For the logistics center, where the entire region will benefit greatly, everyone should put their hands under the stone Tüm.

Çamburnu Mayor Hüseyin Alioğlu stated that his own thoughts are towards the use of Çamburnu's Shipyard area as a logistics center. This project is a vital project that covers not only Trabzon, but also the Eastern Black Sea region, which will prevent migration and also stimulate the economy of the region. We leave the vicious discussions aside and demand that a decision be made for Çamburnu as soon as possible, and we request that the shipyard, which could not be implemented due to the economic crisis, to operate as a logistics center and to establish its legal infrastructure and result in the whole public opinion. Logistics center and shipyard will provide great benefits to Trabzon. Location is available. But there is no improvement right now. We are not given any information. We don't know exactly what it is. We look forward to concrete development with impatience. We have the Minister in front of us, we cannot say anything. The logistics center, which will have significant socioeconomic benefits to the region, must be implemented in Çamburnu Shipyard. Let's invest all this investment here without waste ”.

Mayor of Sürmene Fikri Usta said, “Location of the logistics center in Çamburnu Shipyard area will provide very important advantages. Since it is outside the city, there will be no traffic jams. There will be no air pollution. It will provide significant benefits as it is close to the gates to the Ovit Tunnel. It will not only benefit Sürmene. Samsun, Ordu, Giresun, Gümüşhane, Bayburt, Rize Eastern Black Sea Region will all benefit from this. There was also a job promise given here before. Our citizens put their hopes on these developments. This logistics center, which will bring vitality to the economy of the Eastern Black Sea Region, should be established here as soon as possible. There has been no concrete progress yet. It is said that it has been conveyed to the Prime Minister, but there is no concrete development. If there is no positive development, there are definitely those who have opposing views. But we all together do what is necessary, here the logistics center kazanwe must climb. In this context, we appreciate the work of DKİB President Ahmet Hamdi Gürdoğan. We are trying to contribute as much as we can. We made a file with the mayors of the town and gave it to the relevant authorities. "We're still waiting, but I'm personally hopeful," he said.

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