United Transport Workers Union Responds to the Mandatory Ceremony

United Transport Workers Union Reacted to the Compulsory Ceremony: BTS reacted to the mandatory participation of the personnel working in the TCDD 157th Regional Directorate in the ceremony, which was organized citing the 4th anniversary of Sivas railways. …

The United Transport Workers Union (BTS) made a written statement regarding the compulsory participation of TCDD's management to its own ceremonies. In the statement, it was emphasized that the participation of the personnel working in TCDD 157th Regional Directorate in the ceremony, which was held in Sivas on the basis of the 4th anniversary of the railways, was emphasized, “In the announcements prepared for the invitation to the ceremony, it was stated that the train from Sivas Station was taken to the ceremony area, that all personnel should attend. , although the train will depart from the station, it has been declared that it must pass through the turnstiles from the regional building, which is far from the station in order to follow the participating staff. The political power criticizing certain events and celebrations for which participation is obligatory as "out of date" makes it mandatory to participate in activities that it will make its own propaganda. "

In the statement, it was stated that public institutions are not the propaganda tool of the political power and that public officials cannot be forced to support the political power. The statement said, “Forcing employees to participate in any activity outside of working hours is against the constitution and human rights. Political power must remember that slavery and drudgery are crimes. If the political power thinks that it will gain by making participation in such activities compulsory, by scaring and threatening employees, it is wrong. Our union BTS expects the TCDD management and the political power to make a statement on behalf of its members and employees for this ceremony, which was held on September 21, 2013 under the name of the celebration of the anniversary of the railways and clearly declared that participation is mandatory.

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