Tourism support for Uludağ's new cable car project

Tourism support for Uludağ's new ropeway project: Bursa, which has chosen the industry target itself, has turned to tourism in the new process. Tourism also acted in accordance with these goals. In this direction, Eker of Skal Bursa proposed to create an Ottoman city in a well-planned area within Bursa as in the case of Prague Sk

There is an international association of tourism professionals: Skal. We are also a member of this association for some 10 years. We also take care to participate regularly in monthly meetings.
In these meetings, both problems and suggestions on the tourism structure and future of Bursa are spoken and communicated in the most intimate way. We share our observations with these journalists.
Recently Son
With the presidency of Hasan Eker, Skal entered a slightly different club. To put it more explicitly, he started out from inward evaluations and started public works.
In this context Bu
3 2012 November with the participation of Turkey's leading tourism operators and tourism authorities Bursa Tourism Summit was organized the meeting.
Yesterday Dün
Hasan Eker, the President of Skal Bursa, made an evaluation meeting that outlined what was done in the final declaration of the tourism summit, which will take almost a year, to be made partly and what has not been done yet.
In a sense…
He stated that they were the followers of the decisions taken at the Tourism Summit.
Eker's meeting with its board members Meltem Işık Mısırlıoğlu, Mustafa Sezencan and Serdal Can is important in terms of demonstrating the change and determination of the sector.
Besides the…
In yesterday's meeting, the suggestions of the tourism person for Bursa were also expressed with heartfelt.
Among these Bunlar
Eker, who showed the way to make Bursa better able to market to the world, was firstly aya Tourism is a product. The tourist looks for the difference he hasn't seen and would like to see. Ece
Iyi In the city center of Bursa, an Ottoman city should be established in a well-planned area. Everything should reflect the Ottoman Empire with their ways, coffee houses, restaurants and service offerings. Yol
Example also gave:
I Prague is the most popular tourist attraction in Europe. The tourist going there wants to see medieval Europe. We also have an annual history of 700 and the best place where the Ottoman Empire can be seen. Bizim
To be honest…
It is not possible not to participate in both the determination and the proposal. Moreover, the tourism concept that has been prominent in recent years is also included in the Bursa Vision Plan, the year of 2030, prepared by the Metropolitan Municipality.
Everyone agrees that tourism is the future of Bursa. As a city that has chosen industry in its recent past but has reached its goal in the process of industrialization, we also care that the privilege of Bursa should be revealed in the most accurate way as we support tourism as a new target.

The view of the tourist in Bursa

At the press conference yesterday, Hasan Eker, the head of Skal Bursa, also showed the view of the tourist to Bursa.
For example, he opposed the skyscrapers in the project, and emphasized the importance of green spaces in the city. At least 300 4 hall for Merinos Atatürk Congress Culture Center. In between Muradiye and Yesil, he proposed a pedestrian route to show the historical monuments and inns to tourists.

Tourist support for the ski lift

The new ropeway project, which will provide access to the Hotels Zone in Bursa from the Bursa city center in 20 minutes, was stopped with the decision of the Administrative Court due to the trees cut in the next stage after Sarıalan.
Hasan Eker, President of Skal Bursa, mentioned this in the evaluation meeting. Sa In order to make more use of Uludağ in tourism, the ropeway is a must, daha said Eker.
Önemli The environment is of course important to all of us. But this project should not stop and be completed. Ama

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