Cable car line from Uludağ to Gökdereye

Uludağdan Gökdereye Teleferik Line: The Italian Leitner Company, which will carry out the Teleferic Project on its own upon the withdrawal of Şentürkler, will download the ropeway line to the Gökdere Station of Bursaray.

Şentürkler company, which took the tender of the project which will extend the cable car to the Hotel Zone, could not carry out the business due to the problems and transferred the stake to the Italian partner Leitner. As the only company that accelerates business Leitner Firm entered service in Bursa, Turkey Office yesterday.

Leitner Group CEO Martin Leitner with Turkey and the Near East Director Ilker Cumbul stated that they will introduce people of Ontario with a modern cable car system in the years 1 later, also in line transport recently in the city said they wanted to implement. Pergamum, Ordu, Gaziantep, Ilgaz transport line system, they started in Kayseri and Erzincan and Ankara under the underlining what they will do Cumbul, Bursa in the 1 will start in the month and said they aim to open next summer.

Underlining that they will use helicopters in many places in order to prevent damage to the nature, ın The new project; It will consist of 3 lines and 4 stations, including Teferrüç-Kadıyayla-Sarılan and Hotels Region. It will be a great relief for Uludağ. If we can get permission, we aim to download the cable car to the Bursaray station in Gökdere. From Gökdere to Teferrüç in 6 minutes and from Teferrüç to Hotels Region in 24 minutes. Within the scope of the project, there will be 2 hotels and shopping malls in the stations. There is no right to stay in the Sarıalan and Hotels Region as it is within the boundaries of the National Park. Accommodation facilities will be in Kadıyayla and Teferrüç. But our priority is to finish the line. We're going to lean on to other projects. The project will cost 120 and 150 million TL Pro.


Noting that the current ropeway has reached its economic life, Cumbul said, bul The current system has two cabins with capacity of 120 per hour. These cabins are 20 personality. In the new system, we will increase the capacity from 15 to 17 and the cabins will be 8. The new system will have many cabins. Each 12-15 will come to a cabin in seconds. We plan the capacity as a thousand 800 per hour, but this number can be up to 4 thousands for the 5 bin. When finished 9 will be the longest cable car line in the world with kilometers. If we do Gökdere, the 11 will go up to the kilometer. Nature will not be destroyed and will do over the same line to disassemble the tree. After the project is finished, we want to build a ropeway museum with the municipality. Proje


Cumbul, transportation of the future of the rope is recorded by recording, there are also projects related to the use of this system in the city, he said. Cumbul, esi Merinos-State Hospital line, Rows line with the Sculpture-Çekirge or Muradiye line, such as the merging of a few points in question. These are within the prepared Master Plan of Transportation. Failure to do these projects is a big mistake. The ropeway will be integrated in the rail system in the coming years. T