Trabzona ski resort and urgent investor for ropeway construction

Emergency investors are being sought for the construction of the ski center and cable car in Trabzona: The road to the ski center planned to be constructed in Çakırgöl Plateau at 2504 altitude in Trabzon is being completed next year, but there is a big deficiency; An investor who will also make a cable car ..

AK Party Trabzon deputy Faruk Ozak Trabzon-Gumushane border, Zigana Mountain range in the 2504 high-altitude Cakirgol Plateau is planned to be completed on the way to the ski center, he said. Özak said that he had made investigations on the road with the Deputy Regional Director of Highway in recent days and said, Yardım 80 of the road is over. The road problem will be over next year. Yol

4 Ozay said that they presented the project to the Minister of Culture and Tourism Ertugrul Gunay some years ago. I hope the road will end soon. When the road is completely over, there will be a huge demand. The center will also be much better if the ropeway is maintained from one hand to the chairlift. We do his work too. Project work continues quickly. 5 investigated the possibility of skiing throughout the year. We saw that everything is available. The road was also 2 years of tender. 30 million TL is spent on money. I follow the project closely. Development plans are also completed. Now we are trying to find investors in the project Şimdi.

Former Minister Özak said, Eski It requires a huge cost. It is not very accurate to expect it to be built by the special administration. The private sector can do it easily with the operation transfer model. The private sector can plan this place as needed. The investor will do this with large numbers. The cable car will undertake the production of a chairlift. T

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