The hotel is being built on the cable car

The hotel is built on the cable car: In the renewed cable car line, the discussions started with Bursa 2. The decision of the Administrative Court to stop the execution of the final point, the project is progressing quietly in the region. The main building of the station is located in Piremir neighborhood with a boutique hotel, restaurant and tea garden 50 project will be built on the agenda. Neighborhood residents are worried that the trees in the region will be cut sakin

Uludag's re-attraction to work as a center of attraction to begin with the work of establishing a modern ropeway, while the discussions about the tree cuts, was quietly carried out in a new project. According to the desired project, the ropeway is changing all over. Piremir Mahallesi is the starting point of the transformation çalışma This study, which was carried out silently, caused uneasiness in the neighborhood residents.


In the studies starting with the replacement of the main station of the cable car; the eyes were turned into a long-serving tea garden. While discussing that a new project will be made about the location of this tea garden with the studies, it is also stated that the trees are the target for this project. Plan; The area of ​​the new ropeway building is located as a right-handed recreation area. Within the scope of the project in which 2009 will be implemented in the same year, Teleferik will be building a boutique, restaurant, tea garden with 50 rooms. The institution that will increase the degree of the site and ensure that the area is not touched; Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization has already approved the plan was quietly executed.


Plans just sitting close to the cable car, the citizen's concern, justified the plans. 2009 approved plan; the cable car will affect the Piremir neighborhood where the main station is located and then the four neighborhoods. The plan of the Chamber of City Planners again raises the way for a new structure that will attract the people's reaction. Thousands of trees cut in the scope of the ropeway project, while the people of the neighborhood, the most important fear of the residents of this project about the project will be cut completely fer


Cable Car Solidarity sözcüFüsun Uyanık, Branch Head of the Chamber of Urban Planners, followed the project, which was brought to the agenda with the efforts of Zülfikar Taraf. Uyanık, who sent an information letter to the Metropolitan Municipality, Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization and the Land Registry and Cadastre Directorate, requested the details of the title deed record showing the ownership information of the Piremir District 356 block 1 parcel, the cadastral diameter of the parcel and other information and documents.

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