For Tekkeköy logistics center

Canik Mayor Osman Genç stated that the industrial area Tekkeköy, which takes the airport and port under its wings, is cut out for the logistics center, and said that Tekkeköy district can grow with the transfer port and logistics.

This time, Tekkeköy district was the stop of Samsun Culture and History Meetings, which was organized by Canik Municipality with the purpose of promoting the Black Sea Trade and Canik (Samsun) book, which was published after the symposium with the participation of 93 scientists and tells the commercial history of Samsun and Black Sea provinces. At the meeting held in Tekkeköy Municipality Wedding and Conference Hall and attracting great attention, Mayor Genç said that the district, which has a very old history, will come to the fore with the transfer port and logistics.

Stating that Samsun should evaluate the upcoming process very well, Canik Mayor Osman Genç said, “Viking Project, Kavkaz Project, 9th Corridor of Europe is a great opportunity for Samsun. However, this opportunity is for Samsun. kazanWe need to implement the high-speed freight train and the Samsun-Iraq railway in order to transform it into a ca. We should make good use of this advantage of Samsun, which is close to Anatolian provinces and Russia. While planning the Samsun of the future, Tekkeköy has a great role in this. At the same time, Tekkeköy is a district with advantages. Two of Samsun's three ports are in Tekkeköy. Wednesday Airport is right next to it, that is, Samsun's two blue ports and air cargo transportation are under the wings of Tekkeköy. Tekkeköy district is the place where the heart of Samsun industry beats. This is the ideal area for the logistics center. The trade volume of the logistics sector in the world today is 6 million TL. The target for 2015 is 12-15 million liras. However, Samsun is currently zero in logistics. A transfer port must be established in Tekkeköy. In addition, the center of the Free Trade Zone to be established in Samsun, like the Jordanian city of Aqaba, which has 12 percent of the world trade, should be in our Tekkeköy district," he said.

Stating that being close to Samsun center and being on the Black Sea coastal road are two important advantages of Tekkeköy, President Genç said, “Tekeköy is also an important district with its historical and natural beauties. Tekkeköy caves are very valuable for tourism. This district should definitely get a share from tourism. If Samsun is to develop, we must definitely evaluate the potential of our districts. Because Samsun is a whole with its 17 districts. "We can achieve this together with visionary projects, visionary leadership and total social mobilization."

Mayor Genç, who visited AK Party District Chairman Aydın Karmil in Tekkeköy, was here with the party members. sohbet did. Later, Mayor Genç was the guest of Tekkeköy District Governor İbrahim Küçük. Küçük thanked Mayor Genç for his visit and pointed out that history is very important for a nation and congratulated Genç for organizing such an important organization.

After that, Mayor Genç visited Tekkeköy Muhtars Association President Şahin Şenyer and listened to the headmen here. Tekkeköy Minibuses Association President İbrahim Özdemir, who hosted Mayor Genç, stated that there was a transportation problem between the districts and Samsun center and that this problem put citizens and driver tradesmen in a difficult situation. Mayor Genç visited the Chairman of Tekkeköy Chamber of Agriculture, Mustafa Yücel, and received information about the work done in the field of agriculture in the district. Mayor Genç, visiting the tradesmen and the market place in Tekkeköy, sohbet He.

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